BellaOnline Free Games

Feeling bored? Want some fun in your life? Check out these FREE fun games!

Hangman Games
Site Specific Hangman Games
Lord of the Rings Hangman
Harry Potter Hangman
Hangman Classic

Word Games
Bella Quizzes - Test your Knowledge
Word Scramble - Rearrange the Word
Word Search - Find Words in a Grid
Word Cube - Find Words in a Cube

Puzzle Games
Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Mallard Duck Tile Sliding Game
Rush Hour - Beat the Traffic

Strategy Games
Card Game Collection
Mine Sweeper - the ultimate strategy game
Solitaire Card Game
Solitaire Peg-Jumping Game
Tower of Hanoi - classic tower game
Yahtzee - the fun dice game

Arcade-Style Games
Breakout - Smash the Bricks
Connect 4 - Four In A Row
Lunar Lander - Reach the Moon
Nibbly - Eat the Apples in the Maze
Pong - The First Arcade Game
Smash a Gopher - Hit the Rodent
Tetris - Falling Tile Puzzle

Just Plain Fun
Bella Fish - a Virtual Pet
BellaPets - Feed, Care and Love your BellaPet
Bella LifeClock - How Long have you Got?
How Male or Female Are You?
Daily Photo Calendar

Train your Brain
Memory Square-Matching Games
Color Brain Train - are you Left or Right Brained?
Online Typing Test - how fast do you type?

Seek your Future
Tarot Cards - free on line 3 card reading
iChing - Chinese fortune telling
BellaBall - Get Quick Answers

Choice Based Psychic Tests
Shapes Psychic Test
Birds Psychic Test
Cars Psychic Test
Colors Psychic Test
Faces Psychic Test
Farm Animals Psychic Test
Flowers Psychic Test
Foods Psychic Test
Letters Psychic Test
Numbers Psychic Test
Spiders Psychic Test
Twin Animals Psychic Test
Wild Animals Psychic Test

Single Item Focus Psychic Test
Symbols Psychic Test
Color Psychic Test

Animal Focus Psychic Test
Animal Psychic Test

Virtual Paper Dolls
Country and Western Virtual Paper Doll
Fiesta Virtual Paper Doll
Gypsy Virtual Paper Doll
Halloween Witch Virtual Paper Doll
Police Virtual Paper Doll
Polish Cultural Virtual Paper Doll

Virtual Animals and Objects
Christmas Tree - New and Improved!
Christmas Tree - Original
Halloween Virtual Pumpkin
Rose Breasted Grosbeak Bird
US State Map