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Sorcerer by Deb Bonam

Table of Contents


Abandoned by Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby
How Hard Can It Be by Jeanette Stingley
Mature Hands by Michelle Anne Cope
Solstice by Wolf LittleBear
The Milk Box by Randa Talley


A Tribute to Rita by Renee Wolf
Cliffs, Wings and Love by Kimberly Tilghman
Face The Facts by Sheila Sproule
Traveling Fools! by Connie Werner Reichert
Traveling Tid Bits: Managing Common Sense
and a Daredevil Attitude
by Bethany Zick


Birds' Nest Soup by Leni Hester
Mumbai Baby by Heather Goodman
Remember, Hetty? by Kristen Houghton
Shades of Bleu by Janie Emaus
They Do Not Spin by Jane Lebak
The Pension by Michelle Anne Cope
The Seed by Darling Poor
Art and Photography

Sorcerer by Deb Bonam
Broken Window by Michelle Anne Cope
Butterfly with Flower by Kim Kenney
Cactus Detail by Jill Florio
Disseminate by Jeff Cope
Grand Canyon and Raven by Jill Florio
Precious Metal by Diane Cipollo
Root, Water, Sky by Jill Florio
Saguaro and Sky by Jill Florio
Spawn by Jeff Cope
Undulate by Jeff Cope


Letter From the Editor

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