Strange Laws

In one state it is illegal for a person to carry an ice cream cone in their back pants pocket. In another state, you need a permit to take a bath in your own home.

California Dumb Laws star
Did you know there is a law in California that guarantees sunshine to the masses? Check this out and some other dumb laws on the books in California.

Colorado's Strange Laws star
It is okay to tear the tags off of mattresses and pillows in Colorado but it is illegal to fire a catapult at buildings in Aspen. Read these strange laws and many others for Colorado.

Crazy Alabama Laws star
Like all states and some countries around the world, there are some crazy laws on the books that may or may not still be enforced and I have to say that the state of Alabama has some of the craziest laws I have ever seen.

Crazy Canadian Laws star
This article is a description of some weird and crazy laws on the books in Canada.

Crazy Mississippi Laws star
Mississippi has some crazy laws still on the books. Read my article to find out what it is illegal for a man to do on Main Street or what happens if you rustle cattle.

Georgia's Strange Laws star
There are some very antiquated and dumb laws still on the books in the United States and these laws come out of Georgia.

Louisiana's Strange Laws star
These laws are still on the books in Louisiana, although I am sure they are not enforced but it makes you wonder why these laws developed anyway

Massachusetts Strange Laws star
Massachusetts sure has some crazy laws especially regarding taking baths. You have to read the article to know whether it is legal or not to operate a nuclear device in Marlborough, Mass.

New Strange Laws Recently Passed star
In Florida, it is illegal to use computers and smart phones in internet cafes. Check out some recent dumb laws that were recently passed in various states in the US. Oh, that Florida law? They passed that law by mistake. Crazy Floridians.

Ohio Dumb Laws star
Did you know it is illegal to fish for whales in Ohio on Sundays? It is alos illegal to install and play slot machines in outhouses. You crazy Ohioans and your crazy laws.

Strange Arizona Laws star
It is illegal to hunt camels in Arizona and just as illegal to keep a pet donkey in your bathtub. Read about these and other strange laws in the Grand Canyon State.

Strange Laws of New Jersey star
Did you know that it is illegal for a man to knit during the fishing season in New Jersey? Well, you do now.

Strange Michigan Laws star
If you live in Michigan or plan on moving to Michigan, you better pay attention to these laws or you could be in trouble.

Strange Texas Laws star
It is illegal for one to sell one's own eyes in Texas and it is also illegal to urinate on the Alamo. Read these and other strange laws on the books in Texas.

West Virginia Strange Laws star
In West Virginia, it is illegal to walk your tiger, even if it is on a leash. It is also illegal for a person to hold public office if that person ever participated in a duel.

Wisconsin Strange Laws star
It is illegal to worry a squirrel in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Read about this and other strange laws still on the books in the Badger State.

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