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Art and Art Books For Children star
I have been asked by my readers which art books I would choose to introduce children to the world of art. I will discuss a book recommendation and a child's delight at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine.

Art in First Batman Movie (1989) star
Quite often the 'first' in many aspects of life is the best. The original 'Batman' has a rich cast and is quite entertaining. The Joker villain epitomizes hate and evil, even when directed towards art. I will discuss.

Cover of 2001 New Yorker - Cartoons of Art star
The cover of the New Yorker magazine issued May 21, 2001 shows caricatures of some of the Met Museum’s most famous works of art. I'll discuss the cast of characters and how you can download images of some of your favorites (legally).

Drinking in Art star
In our present-day culture, the drinking of alcohol can be celebratory, or it can be used in excess. But what if you were a teetotaler? Covered! I will discuss how artists best conveyed its consumption.

Fashion Designers Reinterpret Art Masterpieces star
If art is beauty and beauty is art, then it shouldn’t be shocking when fashion designers reinterpret art masterpieces by using the colors and layout intended by the artist. I will discuss works by Manet and Vermeer, and the fashion houses: Christian Dior and Valentino.

Headwear in Art star
Hats, scarves, turbans are accessories in fashion. Artists used them to embellish an outfit or to convey emotion and status (crown). I will discuss.

In Art, What Makes It a Masterpiece ? star
In the history of art, the popularity of any given artist may wane. What are the requirements of a work of art to be deemed a ‘masterpiece’?

Justification for Fake Art star
When we hear of fake art, understandably, we think of forgery. But what about the commercialism of art? Are there virtues to reproducing or imitating original art? I will discuss.

Mirrors in Art star
Dating to ancient Greece, writers spoke of artists using mirrors as a practical tool. From illuminated manuscripts to modern art, I will discuss a subject that is akin to the familiar 'selfie'.

The Mona Lisa star
The 'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci is an enigmatic painting raising questions as to the identity of the sitter, why Napoleon's obsession and inspiring a song and movie in modern times. What really lies behind that mysterious Mona Lisa smile ?

The Mystery of Da Vinci's Last Supper star
Dan Brown’s "Da Vinci Code" brought to light the idea that Mary Magdalene might be Jesus’ wife, by His right side at the Last Supper. If so, where is the apostle John? Some possible answers revealed.

The Scream by Edvard Munch star
'The Scream' was an 1893 painting that became an iconic symbol for a stressful life in twentieth and twenty-first century pop culture. Did the Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch intend for 'The Scream' to have such mass appeal?

Women Immortalized in Art star
Since prehistoric times, women have been the subject of sculpture and paintings. Some we know by name; others are recognizable but remain nameless. I will discuss.

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