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MUSED Literary Magazine.
What You Are Saying
Hush Baby Rose - Beautiful Jeff. Sweet moments of actual poetry while we still can hold them, although I remember at the time wishing they would just go to sleep and let me write a poem. ~Morgan

Saffron - What a beautifully written little slice of life. I loved it! ~Susan

Portrait in Violet - This is a poem that you can truly feel. Love it! ~Lisa

Drop Out - A moving story. A piece of history! ~manijeh

Haiku - Those few words awakened the senses. Just a wee respite. ~Sharon

Memories I Kept Incredibly powerful poem which grows on each new reading. ~Jane

CAR - So evocative I enjoyed reading it aloud to my husband who liked it as much as me! Thanks! ~Andrea

Gathering Pre-Limo One pleased mom ~Marilyn