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Fall Equinox 2018 BellaOnline Literary Review Volume 12, Issue 3
MUSED Literary Magazine.

Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Sachuest Wildlife Refuge by Carol Dandrade
Reaching Out by Christine Catalano
Through the Looking Puddle by Kate Hodges
The Door by Kieron Circuit
Alien World of Water by Mark Berkery
Museum of Work and Culture 2 by Carol Dandrade
Context by Mark Berkery
Val d'Orcia Italy by Carol Dandrade
Todi Italy by Carol Dandrade
Brazil by Jane Warren
Brazil 2 by Jane Warren
Fox River Illinois by George Frederick and Carl Waller
Waters Farm by Meagan Fedigan
Buzz Bomb by Christine Catalano
Fading Glory by Christine Catalano
Dream Scapes by Gary Van Haas
Extemporaneous Autumn in the Woods by Dennis Smith
Flightless Wasp by Mark Berkery
Gazing by Bob Evans
Ripples by Bob Evans
Resilience by Mark Berkery
Invigoration by Mark Berkery
Museum of Work and Culture by Carol Dandrade
Lost by Bob Evans
Passin' Wind! by Linda Nelson
Reflections by Bob Evans
Face First by Christine Catalano
Fox River Illinois by George Frederick and Carl Waller
Impressionist Fall Impressions by Dennis Smith
Blue Door by Meagan Fedigan
Reflections in the Corn Field by Meagan Fedigan
Detail by Meagan Fedigan
Sunset Pines by Judy Salz
Mindfulness by Bijou Zhou
Hartford Avenue Stone Bridge by Dennis Smith
Reflections on the Canal by Dennis Smith
Millville Lock by Bob Evans
Morning Fog by Linda Nelson
Rainbow by Linda Nelson
Lighthouse by Linda Nelson
Fall Picnic by Dennis Smith
Bloom by Meagan Fedigan
Sunflower by Christine Catalano
The Rose and Mantis by Lawrence Pratt
Goddess by Daniel de Culla
The Eye by Lisa Shea
Orange Marigold by Elizabeth Daigle


A Fatal Romance by Joan Hunt
A Morning Prayer after Machado by Beth Spencer
A Thousand Tiny Hearts by Lee Triplett
Ankylosing Spondylitis and Me by Catherine Coundjeris
Authority by Neil Dana Gluckin
Autoimmune by E. F. Schraeder
Autumn Moon-Song by Stacie Eirich
Begin Again to Rig the Mast by Sally Sandler
Chattanooga Jubilee by Nick Bush
Dancing on a Bayou Breeze by Stacie Eirich
Dark Sunglasses on Sunless Days by Terry Dawley
Day of the Dead in Chamula Cemetery by Beth Spencer
Des Moines Jones by Leslie Dianne
Drought by Lee Evans
Electric by Leslie Dianne
Gathering Supper by Elaine Reardon
Gravity by Elizabeth Stansberry
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Heritage Planning by Dawid Juraszek
Icy Words by Victoria Crawford
In Arlington by Craig W. Steele
Mabon by Jerrold Narland
Miles Davis Lays It Down by Michael Neal Morris
Mired by Jean Biegun
Nesting for Grief by Sally Sandler
October by Jeff Burt
People by Beth O'Brien
Puttin' on the Glitz by Deborah Guzzi
Restraints by Victoria Crawford
Slivers of Love by Lindy Kennedy
Stories of Fiction by Nuno Fatela
Street Lights by Janet M. Powers
The Road Ahead is Narrowing by Bernadine Lortis
The Things You Used To Say by Amanda Steel
The Wrong Man for the Job by Michael Neal Morris
Thoughts on a Subway by Allison Huang
Tonight by David Edwards
Trash Talkers by Michael Mogel
Tree-temple by Sunil Sharma
Two Poems by Dixon Hearne
Untitled No. 2 by Margarita Serafimova
Windflowers by Bernadine Lortis


A Fair Game by Beth O'Brien
A Fresh Perspective by Matthew Roy Davey
Catalan Gothic by Eric Michael Bovim
Dry by Fred Cheney
Ernie by Morgan Currier
Eternal Vista by John Smistad
I Know Days by Sam Muller
I Love You, Nikita by A.M. Reitlinger
March On, Sisters, March On by Lori Hetherington
Not The Usual Day by Marylou Mansfield
Petrichor by Marylou Mansfield
Sylvia's Shoes by Barbara Taylor
Sympathy Pains by Marcie Roman
The Tea Room by Charlotte Lewis
The Unspoken Rule by Stella James
Vignette by David Edwards
Zugunruhe* by Kimberly Behre Kenna


Bulldog Day Afternoon by Linda Spear
Dimensionless, and Something like Prayer, Something like Flight by Stephen Mead
Experience At The Zoo by Manijeh Badiozamani
Familiar Strangers by Miriam Thor
Just a Painting by Susan Bloch
Reunion by Anne Moul
The Yellow Shoes by A.M. Reitlinger
World's Best Key Lime Pie by Manijeh Badiozamani


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers