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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Autumn Moon-Song

Stacie Eirich

Fingers flex, shaping the notes
on taut strings, curving them nimbly
across their silken lengths,
bending into the rounded shape
of the lute´s body.
Leaning, plucking faster
in anticipation of celebration,
sounds vibrating gently
through the air, floating upwards.

From her ethereal home in the clouds,
the Moon Goddess listens,
Sweet, round mooncakes and bejeweled pastries
lay upon an altar,
awaiting her to bless the people
gathered below.

Gracefully, she flies down to earth,
bestowing eternal beauty
upon her worshippers,
as the lute musician’s fingers nimbly play
a skillful tune announcing her,
like the light of colourful, glowing lanterns
floating in the sky amongst the clouds,
under the dazzling light
of the Autumn Moon.

*Note* This poem was inspired by the
Moon/Harvest Festival, which is
celebrated in Mid-Autumn in China,
and by the ancient stringed instrument
the Pipa, or Chinese Lute.