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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Dancing on a Bayou Breeze

Stacie Eirich

Blue waters rippling off the lake,
clouds hang low,
stitched across the azure sky,
the bridge stretching
across her gentle waves.

In the distance,
a steady stream of cars
crossing her depths
to the city of lights, color, jazz,
dragonflies flit by, swarming in
figure eight patterns, quick-winged.
Leaves rustle in the wind,
willows sway in hot August air.

Indigo summer dancing on a bayou breeze,
tiny droplets of cool rain tickling my eyelids,
inhaling the smell of freshly mown grass,
listening to tiny chirps of birdsong in the trees,
the creaking of a swing behind me.
Voices and laughter, sprinkled on air,
dappled like the sunlight
on my skin.