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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Puttin' on the Glitz

Deborah Guzzi

decked out in conifer
branches and a red bow
beside the road ruminating-
the grit of gravel, ice and snow,
crushed to quartz-like glitter

nature grants its own light décor,
this peg-legged wayfarer, tries to stop
the flow with its flag up
standing in the rush of wind,
snow, sleet, or hail

upright it waits-

daily-wheels edge the curb-stop
communicate in colored envelopes from
points afar, then honk on with Christmas joy

decorated to the nines the mailbox
in December-boxed-in, its content
endlessly yammers: to be consumed,
cradled, kissed, for once-

it has our wayward attention!