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MUSED Literary Magazine.
What You Are Saying
Memories in Time - The Weaving House - Your vivid descriptions allow me to "see" the place and your fond memories are heart-warming . The weaving house is especially interesting to me, a weaver. Did they do only placemats and only weaving for a company...any blankets or things used in your own home? Do you have pictures of the mats? ~Jcarlton

A Brief Moment in the Sun - A master at creating imagery. Kudos to you, Charles. I can close my eyes and see the sunset world you've created. NICE job! ~Russell

Living with a Vata - A delightful piece. Well-written, funny and insightful. Thanks for sharing. ~Bill D

Memory - Beautiful work Norma. I have always loved elephants. My mom gave me 3 different glass elephants. I read a long time ago if their trunks are up good luck will follow. We miss seeing you. Happy New Year to you and Jeff ~Susan

Displaced - That was a great read my friend, very fun. ~Marc

Last Step Down the Aisle - This was such a beautiful, descriptive story. 10 stars. ~Ally

Adelaide And The 8 By 10 - Worked with Dorothy at Dept of Family Services. This story has shown me a side of her I was not aware of. Enjoyed reading this. ~Michele

Grandma's Pajamas - Heart warming story! ~Ibonne

Beneath the Wind – Love this. ~Helen

Mounting Butterflies - Lovely poem of love and its highs and lows. ~Ray

October, 1954 - I love the consistence of this poem while I wonder what could be the matter. Powerful and real. ~Raymond

Winter´s Grace – Loved it ~Missy