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Spring Equinox 2018 BellaOnline Literary Review Volume 12, Issue 1
MUSED Literary Magazine.

Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Full Moon Ram by Carrie Weis
Grasshopper on Pink Flower by Carole Bouchard
Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkery
Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush 2 by Mark Berkery
Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush 3 by Mark Berkery
Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush 4 by Mark Berkery
Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush 5 by Mark Berkery
Ice Circles by Linda I. Nelson
Sunken Ice by Linda I. Nelson
Waterfall by Bob Evans
Long Exposure by Bob Evans
Storefront by Bob Evans
Fiery by Lisa Shea
Sunrise Through A Crystal Ball by Elizabeth Daigle
Raindrops in the Garden by Carole Bouchard
City Life by Kristen Reese
Bee Candy by Daginne Aignend
Collapsing Coop - Petaluma, CA by Lawrence Pratt
Palace of Fine Arts by Lawrence Pratt
Prescott Park by Carol Frieswick
Road with Distant Wind Farm by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Paranoia by Deb Bonam
Cavern Tavern by Christine Catalano
Papal Window by Christine Catalano
Rainy Venice Square by Christine Catalano
Up the Chimney by Bob Evans
Canal at Sunset by Christine Catalano
Cast Drawing by Cassandra Hamilton
Burned Down Mill by Bob Evans
The Horses of St. Marks by Christine Catalano
Streetview by Daginne Aignend
Time to Wake the Bees by Carol Frieswick
Love Is In The Air by Carol Frieswick
Pretty In Pink by Carol Dandrade
Curiosity by Carol Dandrade
By A Country Road by Carol Dandrade
By The Roadside by Linda I. Nelson
Spring Thaw by Linda I. Nelson
Joy In Her Last Falling Snow by Cassandra Hamilton


Acts of Light by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Alive by Angela Penticuff
Apple Blossom Rites by Craig W. Steele
Ashes by Susan P. Blevins
Baby Picture by Sharon Larsen
Bats at Bedtime by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Childhood's Spring by Linda Barrett
Confession by Natalie Rowe
Corners by Marylou Mansfield
Dark Theater by Bernadine Lortis
Ear Worm by Terri Simon
Evergreen by Jody Zolli
Face to Screen by Mary Kaye Valdez
First Ultrasound by Judy Salz
For That Matter by Bernadine Lortis
Forcing Forsythia in January by Ruth Z. Deming
Haiku by S.D. Walling
Harsh Winter for the Dogwood Tree and Me by Linda Leedy Schneider
Her Effacement by Marianne Brems
Holsteins at Equinox by Jeff Burt
Hopscotch by Gloria MacKay
I Come Home Wanting to Touch by Linda Leedy Schneider
Intractible by Rondi Bloom
Kaweah River by Stacy Link
Late April, Chapel Avenue by Linda B. Gamble
Lilacs by Sharon Larsen
Morning by Bruce Levine
Nothing by David Flynn
On Richmond Avenue by Sharon Larsen
Party On, Spring by Wayne Scheer
Poets by Thom Norgang
Purple by Angela Penticuff
Saddle-Cloth by Eliza Segiet
Scarves by Joan McNerney
Smoky the Kitten by Stacy Link
Spring Cleaning by Wayne Scheer
Stage Four by Alyssa Trivett
Tanka? by David Edwards
That Hat by Keith Dodrill
That Day by Leonard Henry Scott
The Balm of Spring by Deborah Guzzi
The San Gabriel Aquaduct by Marianne Brems
The Toughest Thing by Marina Reisz Newberry
Togetherness by Craig W. Steele
Treadle by Martina Reisz Newberry
Upcycle by Angela Penticuff
Visit by Terri Simon
We Step on Stones After Heraclitus by Linda Leedy Schneider
Winter's Last Breath by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Wok Music by Deborah Guzzi


A Blue Epiphany by Ellie Cooper
First Language by Sean J. Mahoney
Gibberish by Kimberlee Esselstrom
Mama's Desert Rose by Ellie Cooper
Penguin by Liza Potvin
Picking Berries by Noelle Sterne
Take Care by William Cass
The Hitchhiker by Ruth Z. Deming
The Long Silence by Susan P. Blevins
The Third Wife by Susan P. Blevins
The Window by Susan P. Blevins
Their Father's Heartbeat by Emma Crowley


Climbing Castle Hill by Kimberlee Esselstrom
Crossing the Rubicon by Susan P. Blevins
Gifts by Susan P. Blevins
It Only Takes a Second by Kimberlee Esselstrom
Mary, The Pizzelle Maker and the Apartments of Doom by Ruth Z. Deming
Naneh the Maid by Manijeh Badiozamani
So Who Are We? by Susan P. Blevins
Still by Raymond Tatten
The Good Doctor by Manijeh Badiozamani
Warnings by Diane Payne
Writing in Faux Cafes by Noelle Sterne


Got A Guy by Raymond Tatten
The Blizzard: A One-Act Play by Ruth Z. Deming


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers