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MUSED Literary Magazine.
  • Daginne Aignend

    Daginne Aignend
    Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch writer, poetess, photographic artist Inge Wesdijk. She likes hardrock music, fantasy books, is a vegetarian who loves her animals. She´s the Poetry Editor of Whispers and has been published in many poetry journals, magazines and anthologies, in the ´Tears´ Anthology of the The New York Literary Magazine´ to name one. She has a fun project website www.daginne.com

  • Manijeh Badiozamani

    Manijeh Badiozamani
    Manijeh Badiozamani is a literary non-fiction writer. She writes mostly about her experiences growing up in Tehran, Iran, where she was born. Her short stories and articles have been published in magazines, anthologies and on the Web. She is a retired professor of English, and is currently working on a collection of short stories: "Family Tales from Tehran", and a non-fiction, "A Year in Middle America, Letters to My Parents." She lives in Florida.

  • Mark Berkery

    Mark Berkery
    Mark was born to itinerant Irish parents which set the scene for a restless life. Like the Gypsy, he couldn´t accept the moribund values of a soulless society, what passed for important or posed as spiritual. The resulting roller-coaster of experience and inner conflict eventually gave way to a love of the simple sense of nature that he now lives - the best he can - as a form of meditation. He expresses his ongoing exploration of nature´s spiritual value through his writing and pictures at www.beingmark.com

  • Susan P. Blevins

    Susan P. Blevins
    Susan P. Blevins, an ex-pat Brit, has traveled the world extensively, lived in Italy for 26 years, and has now settled in Houston, Texas, where she is enjoying writing stories and poems based on her travels and adventures. She had a weekly column on food in a European newspaper and has published various articles on gardens in US and European magazines. She is currently publishing essays and poetry. She is passionate about classical music, gardening, cats, reading and of course, writing.

  • Rondi Bloom

    Rondi Bloom
    A southern transplant, Rondi arrived in New England in 1993 and has barely left it since. At home, she is often found on her laptop in her recliner, surrounded by her devoted husband, four crazy kids, two fancy rats, and beautiful cat. Though writing is not her day job, she maintains her sanity via poetry (which she finds very therapeutic), feeds her imagination writing fantasy fiction, and is continually world-building for a novel she hopes to someday publish as Erin Stark.

  • Deb Bonam

    Deb Bonam
    Deb Bonam is an acrylics and mixed media artist. She is inspired to paint images usually of a spiritual nature. Digital photography and writing are two of Deb´s other loves. She has had paintings, photography, articles, poetry, prose and non-fiction short stories published. Deb is also a former Creativity Editor at Bellaonline.

  • Carole Bouchard

    Carole Bouchard
    Carole Bouchard is a self-taught photographer with a deep passion for this art form. Though she had an interest in this medium for many years, it was digital photography that fired her creativity. Fortuitous meetings with on-line friends and mentors pointed the way to more creative experiments. She particularly enjoys macro photography of nature subjects and the magic of water reflections. You can see more of her work at www.carolebouchard.smugmug.com. Carole lives in Groton, MA.

  • Marianne Brems

    Marianne Brems
    Marianne Brems has an MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She is a long time writer of nonfiction and her publications include textbooks in her teaching area of English as a Second Language and several trade books. Her poetry is often whimsical and she has a special interest in writing poems that exhibit a strong sense of place. She lives in Northern California.

  • Jeff Burt

    Jeff Burt
    Jeff Burt has work in Atticus Review, The Nervous Breakdown, Amarillo Bay, and Across the Margins. He enjoys the delicious imbecility of conscious life.

  • Christine Catalano

    Christine Catalano
    Christine likes to take photographs and play with them on the computer. She dedicates her work to her muse and longtime friend, who passed away recently.

  • Ellie Cooper

    Ellie Cooper
    Ellie Cooper is a native Texan and lives in Austin. Ellie began taking creative writing classes several years ago, and in 2017, Ellie retired to devote her time to the craft of writing--her life-long passion. Besides writing, Ellie likes to spend time with her husband xeric gardening with native plants, ballroom dancing and traveling in a small Casita RV. Ellie has been published in the Rio Review.

  • Elizabeth Daigle

    Elizabeth Daigle
    Elizabeth is just starting out on her photographic journey. With hopes of finishing up her certification in photography by the end of the year, she is currently going to school for business and hopes to start her own studio.

  • Carol Dandrade

    Carol Dandrade
    Carol became interested in photography in retirement and is primarily self-taught. Viewing life through a lens has allowed her to see light, people, places and objects with fresh eyes. She is especially drawn to capture waterscapes and foggy landscapes. Her photos have been displayed and awarded in local & juried art shows. Her work has been published in Mused Review, New England Wildflower Magazine, and 4 Blackstone Heritage Corridor calendars. Carol´s website CarolDandradePhoto.smugmug.com

  • Ruth Z. Deming

    Ruth Z. Deming
    Ruth Z. Deming, winner of a Leeway Grant for Creative Nonfiction, has been published in Creative Nonfiction, Haggard and Halloo, Ray’s Road Review and other venues. A mental health advocate, she runs New Directions Support Group for people and families affected by depression and bipolar disorder. She lives in Willow Grove, PA, suburban Philadelphia.

  • Keith Dodrill

    Keith Dodrill
    Keith Dodrill is a 60 year old Londoner who has only been writing for 8 months. His work is varied, but modern in style. More of his work can be found on Google+. Keith is currently unemployed due to ill-health.

  • Ken Allan Dronsfield

    Ken Allan Dronsfield
    Ken Allan Dronsfield is a poet and author originally from Hampton, New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He loves music, thunderstorms, walking in the woods at night and spending time with his cat Willa. He is the Co-editor of two poetry anthologies, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze" and "Dandelions in a Vase of Roses" available at Amazon.com. His published work can be found on the web and in print venues. His poetry was nominated for two Pushcart Awards and the Best of the Net for 2016.

  • Kimberlee Esselstrom

    Kimberlee Esselstrom
    Kimberlee Esselstrom taught her four children at home for eighteen years then turned to writing. She lives in Central Florida but loves to travel--Scandinavia and China are her favorites. She sews (Even made a Santa hat for an elephant!), and is currently learning to tune pianos. Kimberlee writes about true slices of life and makes up the rest. She has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, Highlights for Children, and many others.

  • Bob Evans

    Bob Evans
    A late-comer to art photography, Bob spent his early career working in engineering. He finds that creating something from nothing gives a tremendous rush. Bob strongly believes in taking the subject ‘as-is’ - no posing, no moving of the subject matter. It is capturing the essential essence of the subject matter that is vital to him. As well as photography, Bob is also a keen sculptor and abstract painter. Visit ArckArts.com or follow on FaceBook.

  • David Flynn

    David Flynn
    David Flynn was born in the textile mill company town of Bemis, TN. His jobs have included newspaper reporter, magazine editor and university teacher. He has five degrees and is both a Fulbright Senior Scholar and a Fulbright Senior Specialist with a recent grant in Indonesia. His literary publications total more than two hundred. David Flynn’s web site is at http://www.davidflynnbooks.com . He currently lives in Nashville, TN.

  • Deborah Guzzi

    Deborah Guzzi
    Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator, through touch & the written word. Her third book The Hurricane is available through Amazon, Prolific Press and on Amazon. Her poetry appears in Journals & Literary Reviews in the UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece, France, India & dozens in the USA

  • Cassandra Hamilton

    Cassandra Hamilton
    Cassandra Hamilton is an artist, writer and Active Dreaming teacher. Her Masters is a special field study in Shamanism and the Arts from Wesleyan University and her BFA is in Drama: Production/Directing from Carnegie Mellon. www.cassandradreams.com

  • Sharon Larsen

    Sharon Larsen
    Sharon Larsen honed her writing skills as a journalist, earning a number of regional and statewide honors for her news writing and editorials. She is now semi-retired and enjoying the freedom to return to her first writing "love" -- poetry. She grew up on a dairy farm, and still makes her home in rural Western New York.

  • Bruce Levine

    Bruce Levine
    Bruce Levine, a native Manhattanite, has spent his life as a writer of fiction and poetry and as a music and theatre professional. His catalogue includes four novels, short stories, humorous sketches, flash fiction, poetry, essays, magazine articles and a screenplay. His works are published in over 25 on-line and print journals, over 15 books and his shows have been produced in NY and around the country. He lives with his wife, actress Lydia Franklin, and their dog, Daisy. www.brucelevine.com.

  • Bernadine Lortis

    Bernadine Lortis
    Now retied, when Bernadine isn´t writing, she´s reading, gardening or dabbling in watercolor. Degrees in Art and Education led to work in Interior Design, and elementary, special and adult education. Creative nonfiction, fiction, flash fiction and poetry have been published in online journals and print anthologies including Stirring, Mused-Bella Online, Poetry Super Highway, Every Writer´s Resource and Oasis. She writes and lives in St. Paul, MN, with her husband near their daughter.

  • LindaAnn LoSchiavo

    LindaAnn LoSchiavo
    Native New Yorker LindaAnn Loschiavo is a busy dramatist, journalist, activist, historian, critic, and poet. Her plays include "Courting Mae West" and "Diamond Lil, Queen of the Bowery" (last onstage in NYC August-November 2013 and available on You Tube). Presently, she is completing her second documentary film and also her latest book: "Flirting with the Fire Gods." Come up sometime and see her Mae West Blog http://MaeWest.blogspot.com & Texas Guinan Blog http://TexasGuinan.blogspot.com

  • Sean J. Mahoney

    Sean J. Mahoney
    Sean J Mahoney lives with Dianne, her mother, two Uglydolls, and three dogs in Santa Ana, California. He works in geophysics. He believes in salsa, dark chocolate, and CBD. He believes that Judas was a way better singer than Jesus and that diatomaceous earth is a not well known enough gardening marvel. Sean helped create to the Disability Literature Consortium (www.dislitconsortium.wordpress.com) and co-edited the first 3 volumes of the MS benefit anthology Something On Our Minds.

  • Marylou Mansfield

    Marylou Mansfield
    Marylou Mansfield is a full time resident of Cape Cod. She currently shares in two writing groups located in Orleans, Ma, Dune Hollow Writers, and COA Writers. Marylou contributed to the e-book anthology, SHADOW & LIGHT, published by Provincetown Public Press in 2013, compiled by the Women of Dune Hollow Writers. She has read pieces from the anthology in Provincetown and Chatham. Marylou has enjoyed reading her poetry on Senior View, a program highlighted on HCAM-TV in Hopkinton Ma.

  • Joan McNerney

    Joan McNerney
    Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary zines such as Camel Saloon, Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, Missing of the Birds, and included in Bright Hills Press, Kind of A Hurricane Press and Poppy Road Review anthologies. She has been nominated four times for Best of the Net.

  • Linda I Nelson

    Linda I Nelson
    Linda Nelson loves Photography and has worked as a Graphic Designer. Photography is to paint with light. Linda believes the challenge is not to just paint a picture with her photos but to suggest a story, using the magic of the world around us.

  • Martina Reisz Newberry

    Martina Reisz Newberry
    Newberry’s books are WHERE IT GOES (Deerbrook Editions), LEARNING BY ROTE (Deerbrook Editions), NOT UNTRUE & NOT UNKIND (Arabesques Press), RUNNING LIKE A WOMAN WITH HER HAIR ON FIRE (Red Hen Press), LIMA BEANS AND CITY CHICKEN: MEMORIES OF THE OPEN HEARTH (E.P. Dutton &Co) Her work has been anthologized and widely published in the U.S. and abroad. She lives in her beloved Los Angles with her husband, Brian a media Creative and their fur-baby, Charlie T. Cat. Website: martinanewberry.com

  • Thom Norgang

    Thom Norgang
    Thom Norgang enjoys writing short poems and haiku, lives in a small town in coastal Maine, and believes that “if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you are lucky enough”. His poems have been published in Haiku Journal, Presence, tinywords, Boston Literary Magazine, and Big River Poetry Review.

  • Diane Payne

    Diane Payne
    Diane Payne´s most recent publications include: Obra/Artiface, Reservoir, Spry Literary Review, Watershed Review, Superstition Review, Windmill Review, Tishman Review, Whiskey Island, Kudzu House Quarterly, Fourth River, Split Lip Review,The Offing, Elke: A little Journal, Punctuate, Resevoir, and Outpost 19. Diane is the author of Burning Tulips (Red Hen Press) and co-author of Delphi Series 5 chapbook.

  • Angela Penticuff

    Angela Penticuff
    Angela Penticuff has a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Life Writing from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri. By day, she is an elementary art teacher. Her true joy and art form is writing. She has poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction published in various literary magazines such as (paranthetical), Aethlon, Rip Rap Journal, and Blue Monday Review (under the pen name Korbyn James). She lives in a quiet suburb of Kansas City with her husband, daugther and two ornery pets.

  • Lawrence Pratt

    Lawrence Pratt
    Lawrence is a retired Silicon Valley technical writer who has been pursuing both freelance photography and creative writing as artistic outlets for over 20 years. More free time has allowed him to refine his avocational efforts and develop a website (www.miroerarts.com) dedicated to his efforts with his favorite photos posted to a single portfolio at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lawrence-pratt.html. Please visit and enjoy. Questions or comments can be posted to his miroerarts gmail account.

  • Kristen Reese

    Kristen Reese
    Kristen was born and educated in Kansas City, MO. She attended Avila University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. During her time working at the Lee’s Summit Journal, she contributed more than a dozen feature articles to the publication between the years 2002-2005. The Missouri Press Association presented the Journal staff the Gold Cup award in 2003 for best weekly newspaper. The last few years most of her free time is spent writing poems and short story fiction.

  • Natalie Rowe

    Natalie Rowe
    As a kid, Natalie Rowe wrote oodles of poetry, including a sappy ode to two amorous seagulls that was published in the local paper´s "Young Poets" section. Her father had it laminated. For years, she found it too painful to write poetry, but now she has returned to it with fervour. When not writing, Natalie makes art, keeps bees and lives on a farm with a multitude of rescue animals, where she often gets her best ideas while shovelling manure. Find her at www.beemeadowfarm.com or tweet Knatolee

  • Judy Salz

    Judy Salz
    Judy Salz, a semi-retired physician living in Las Vegas, is eagerly awaiting her first grandchild. Her novel, “Worthy,” was published in November, 2017 and is available on Amazon. Please visit her webpage at authorjudysalz.com.

  • Wayne Scheer

    Wayne Scheer
    Wayne Scheer has been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and a Best of the Net. He's published numerous stories, poems and essays in print and online, including Revealing Moments, https://issuu.com/pearnoir/docs/revealing_moments a collection of flash stories. His short story, Zen and the Art of House Painting has been made into a short film. https://vimeo.com/18491827.

  • Linda Leedy Schneider

    Linda Leedy Schneider
    Linda Leedy Schneider, winner of the Contemporary American Poetry Prize awarded by Chicago Poetry, is a political activist, poetry and writing mentor, and psychotherapist in private practice. Linda facilitates poetry workshops for The International Women´s Writing Guild´s Annual Summer Conference (July 6-13, 2018 at Muhlenberg College) and The Manhattan Writing Workshop which she founded and has led since 2008. Linda has written six poetry collections.

  • Lisa Shea

    Lisa Shea
    Born in Maryland, Lisa Shea has been contentedly nestled in the rolling hills and mossy forests of Massachusetts since 1995. She is drawn to the ocean and cherishes quiet evenings as the orange glow of sunset glistens across wooden docks. Lisa relishes the challenge of conveying meaning and memorable characters in a measured bounding of time and space. Her stories, poems, and images celebrate natural beauty and serenity. Enjoy thousands of her photos at http://www.lisashea.com

  • Terri Simon

    Terri Simon
    Terri Simon's poetry chapbook, "Ghosts of My Own Choosing", was published by Flutter Press in October 2017. Her work has appeared in "Ariel Chart", "Jellyfish Whispers", "Mused", "Rat’s Ass Review", and others, and the anthologies "Secrets and Dreams" and "Switch (The Difference)". She received honorable mention in Kind of a Hurricane Press’ Editor's Choice for 2015. Along with writing, her interests include spirituality, fountain pens, hand drums, and gaming. http://www.terrispad.com

  • Craig W. Steele

    Craig W. Steele
    Craig W. Steele is a professor of biology and health sciences at Edinboro University in northwestern Pennsylvania. In his continuing quest to become a widely-read unknown poet, his poems most recently appear or are forthcoming in The Lyric, Oracle Fine Arts Review, Mused: the BellaOnline Literary Review, The Literary Nest, Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, The Fib Review and Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. He continues to write poetry as “The Writer’s Poet” for Extra Innings online.

  • Noelle Sterne

    Noelle Sterne
    Noelle Sterne, PhD (Columbia University), author, editor, workshop leader, and spiritual counselor, has published over 400 pieces in print and online venues. Her Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams (Unity Books 2011) helps readers reach lifelong yearnings. Her Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping with the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles (Rowman & Littlefield 2015) aids doctoral candidates to degree completion (finally). www.trustyourlifenow.com

  • Raymond Tatten

    Raymond Tatten
    Raymond Tatten is a long-time New Englander whose work includes several published personal essays and articles. Two current projects include an historical ficton account designed primarily for the YA reader, as well as a second novel for the middle-school reader. Raymond participates in workshops and critique groups with the Seven Bridge Writers´ Collaborative in Lancaster, MA. and Grubbstreet in Boston, MA. Wordpress: https://edwardramun.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/270/

  • Alyssa Trivett

    Alyssa Trivett
    Alyssa Trivett is a wandering soul from the Midwest. When not working two jobs, she listens to music, chirps down coffee, and scrawls lines on the back of gas station receipts. Her work has recently appeared at In Between Hangovers, Otoliths, and Five 2 One.

  • Mary Kaye Valdez

    Mary Kaye Valdez
    Mary Kaye Valdez is a pastel color enthusiast whose closet is ninety percent black. She also likes high places because it´s her only chance to look down on people. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Fiction on the Web, Not Your Mother´s Breast Milk, and Red Eft Review.

  • S.D. Walling

    S.D. Walling
    Sharon recently returned from Africa where she worked at the U.S. Embassy in the Community Liaison office as event planner, and editor of the embassy newsletter. Originally she thought her bent was nonfiction, but now retired and living in Las Vegas she has discovered the joy of writing short stories and poetry. She is currently working on her first novel, and completing a memoir.

  • Carrie Weis

    Carrie Weis
    Carrie Weis is the Museum & Gallery Director for the College of Arts & Sciences at Ferris State University. She has presented at cultural conferences including The International Arts in Society, Midwest Modern Language Association, & Michigan Museum Association. She is a mother, a grandmother, & an artist. Artistically, Carrie pursues painting & writing. Currently working with oil & graphite on paper focusing on both surreal & abstract representations of the natural environment.

  • Jody Zolli

    Jody Zolli
    Jody Zolli has enjoyed writing poetry since she was seven. Poetry runs in the family, though, as both her mother and grandmother wrote poetry, and had a knack for doggerel verse. Jody has enjoyed being a technical writer for thirty years, and feels it is the perfect marriage between creative writing and engineering.

  • Linda Barrett
    Linda Barrett is a prolific poet, short story writer and an award winner of the Montgomery County Community College Writer´s Contest for four years running. She wrote her first work at eight years old and her second work at the age of 13. She contributes to the Compass, Mad Swirl, Idea Gems, and Night to Dawn magazine. Linda has lived in Abington, Pa. for 52 years in the same house on the same street. This is her fifth contribution to Mused magazine.

  • William Cass
    William Cass contributed the work Take Care.

  • Emma Crowley
    Emma Crowley is a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison where she is studying creative writing and film. When not busy with schoolwork she tries to pet as many dogs as she can.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards was born, and continues to live, in Muncie, Indiana.

  • Carol Frieswick
    Carol has painted for a long while, learning with every painting. One would think she would know what to do by now. But anyone who paints knows it is not an easy pastime. She has used many mediums but her current favorites are oil and pastel. http://bvaa.org/galleries/gallery-carol-frieswick/

  • Linda B. Gamble
    Linda Gamble is a retired reading specialist. In the past she has published articles for professional educational journals, but since her retirement has given her creative muse a chance to grow. She has just begun submitting some of her poetry and has been fortunate to have pieces accepted by Edison Literary Review,US 1, A Kind of Hurricane, Jellyfish Whispers, Camel Saloon, Long Story Short and past issues of Mused. Currently she is also working on a children´s picture book.

  • KJ Hannah Greenberg
    KJ Hannah Greenberg captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her most recent poetry collection is Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties (Unbound CONTENT, 2017). Her most recent fiction collection is the omnibus, Concatenation (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2018) Discover Hannah at http://www.kjhannahgreenberg.net/

  • Stacy Link
    Stacy Link has been visiting the Kaweah River since the late 1960s. She currently lives in the high desert area of Southern California. She´s been writing poetry since about the turn of the 21st century. Some of her favorite poets are John Keats, Emily Dickinson, Frank Bidart and Li-Young Lee.

  • Gloria MacKay
    Gloria MacKay lives in Edmonds, Washington. For ten years Gloria wrote what she thought, then read what she wrote on the radio: among other things, about women and children and men and food and families. From this came her first book: Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones. Aquillrelle has published her two books of her poetry: Chalkdustings and Time Lines.

  • Liza Potvin
    Liza Potvin was born in France in 1958 on the Canadian Air Force base, and studied in Denmark, France, the U.S. and Canada, completing a PhD at McMaster University. In 1993, she won the Edna Staebler Creative Nonfiction Award for White Lies (NeWest, 1992). Other books include The Traveller’s Hat (Raincoast, 2003), Cougarman Percy Dewar (Trafford, 2005) and Dog Days, co-authored with Carol Matthews (Louise Hamilton, 2009).

  • Leonard Henry Scott
    Leonard Henry Scott is a Bronx born and raised graduate of American University, with an MLS from the University of Maryland.He was on the staff of the Library of Congress for many years and he and his wife, Hattie presently live in National Harbor, Maryland. Len´s essays, poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous publications, including; The Evansville Review, The MacGuffin, Every Writer, Crack the Spine, The Lyric, Corvus Review and others.

  • Eliza Segiet
    Master's Degree graduate in Philosophy. Torn between poetry and drama. Likes to look into the clouds, but keeps both feet on the ground. Her heart is close to the thought of Schopenhauer: "Ordinary people merely think how they shall 'spend' their time; a man of talent tries to 'use' it". Author's poem "Questions" was the Publication of the Month (August 2017) and the International Publication of the Year (2017) in Spillwords Press.