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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Late April, Chapel Avenue

Linda B. Gamble

inspired by painting "Full Sail", artist - Janet Hallahan

Blossoming clouds of pink-topped trees
line my route to school. My breath
stops, eyes delight.

Mind wanders
to skinned-knee-girl days perched
in a maple tree canopy, imagines
a similar pink-puff incursion--
deliciously girly, scented innocence,
fleeting blush of first crush before
the ardor of summer, childhood

ephemeral as these blooms. I scrap
today´s lesson plan. We will walk
this road, lie in the petal splashed grass,
peer up the trees´ frilly skirts
to the labyrinth above, channel
Joyce Kilmer, while all the world
is bubble-gum pink.