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MUSED Literary Magazine.

The Toughest Thing

Marina Reisz Newberry

Iím going to say the toughest thing firstó
get it out on the table so to speak.
Life Is Not So Longóexcept when it is.
The shortest part is about loveÖlike when
you are in love and are loved back threefold.
Or when your best friend comes for a visit
and you sculpt a fine strong drunk together.
Thatís when time gets you six ways to sundown
and everything goes by like itís been shot
out of an M-134 minigun.
The long times come when you are waiting
for the doctor to return your call or
when the bank hasnít noted your recent
deposit or when the hand you most need
to hold is across the country or world.
Mostly, though, life is short and hard and has
a vicious sense of humor and thatís not
even the half of it. Not even half...
I wish I had more time, Iíd tell you more.