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MUSED Literary Magazine.
What You Are Saying
Collapsing Coop - Petaluma, CA - Petaluma is a pretty special place that began in the 1850s and to this day celebrates it agricultural heritage and its 1900s-style iron front and Victorian style homes even as modern influences start integrating within. ~Roland

Wok Music - Do I ever like this poem! So many vivid images and unusual phrases, like "lackluster sky", "ping of peanut oil", "singe-sing" and water droplets tap dancing" Good stuff! ~David

Confession - A marvelous and evocative poem. The poet balances the sweet memories of our ancestors' loving devotion with the tender respect for a religious faith no longer held, arriving at her own spiritual home in the worship of nature's majesty - both tiny and galactic - and ending with a cheeky twist! Much fun to read. Bravo! ~Brian

Warnings - Rings a few bells! But when I was young I thought my parents' lives were incredibly dull. Now I am old, I think my grandchildren's lives are insanely exciting ... as mine was once. There's an abyss of experience in between ~Jude

Kaweah River - Beautiful! A very evocative poem, and of course I like the donkey. ;) ~Natalie

Papal Window - Very intriguing with a hint of mystery. ~LCJ

Rainy Venice Square - Bellissima! ~Linda

Drone Fly on the Butterfly Bush - Incredible photo. The wing details are fantastic. ~Cassandra

Swept Away - Hi just love this photo, says so much. Well done. ~John

Curiosity - Instantly made me smile. Love how you captured the spirit and curiosity of this lamb. ~Cassandra

Cavern Tavern - Very well done. Wonderful rustic, romantic Italia. ~LCJ

Remnants - Very good it reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago! The writer knows how to make a story interesting! ~Carl

Sunken Ice - Soothing image. Bet this photo would also compliment an inspirational quote. ~Cassandra

Letters to the Dead: A Collection of Heartbeats - Tears. ~Lincoln

Collapsing Coop - Petaluma, CA - Great barn photo. ~Cassandra

First Ultrasound - I love "first ultrasound" ~Maria

Harsh Winter for the Dogwood Tree and Me - A haunting piece... beautiful. ~Amy

October, 1954 - I love the consistence of this poem while I wonder what could be the matter. Powerful and real. ~Raymond

Grasshopper on Pink Flower - Gorgeous image! ~Cassandra

Smoky the Kitten - Ah, the essence of the kitten! Great work, Stacy. ~Natalie

Fiery - Shocking and intriguing. I want to stare at this for a long time. ~Cassandra