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Summer Solstice 2018 BellaOnline Literary Review Volume 12, Issue 2
MUSED Literary Magazine.

Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Floral Beauty by Dennis Smith
Bee on Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkerey
Spider on Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkerey
Derelict Building by Bob Evans
Crane and Sky by Bob Evans
Reflections - Railroad by Bob Evans
Purple Leopard by Christine Catalano
Monarch Migration by Carol Dandrade
Pier at Sunrise by Carol Dandrade
Cherry Blossom by Christine Catalano
Adorable Nuisance by Carol Dandrade
Color of Music by Bob Evans
Spider on Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkerey
Spider on Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkerey
Unfurling Fern by Meagan Fedigan
Winged by Linda Nelson
Peacock Feathers by Meagan Fedigan
Splashy Orchid by Christine Catalano
Isle of Skye by Carol Dandrade
Triplets by Carol Dandrade
Cherry-Oh by Daginne Aignend
Yellow Up Close by Christine Catalano
Shore by Verne Thayer
Water by Verne Thayer
Farm by Verne Thayer
Canal by Verne Thayer
Stream by Verne Thayer
Bee on Butterfly Bush by Mark Berkerey
Hartford Avenue Stone Bridge by Dennis Smith
Waves by Meagan Fedigan
Sunny Day at the Park by Dennis Smith
Peony in Black and White by Meagan Fedigan
The Ripple Effect by Linda Nelson
Portuguese Man O' War by Bob See
River Bend Farm by Lisa Shea
Pink Poppy Pod by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
At the Movies by Linda Nelson
Lost Shoes by Linda Nelson
New Arrowhead Cafe by Michael Zeis
After the Storm by Linda Nelson
Night Scene in NYC by Bob Evans
3333 by Michael Zeis
Silent Shimmer by Donna Manley
Beginnings by Donna Manley
Iceland Rest by Donna Manley
Finally Sunrise by Donna Manley


Haiku by Roberta Beach Jacobson
A Gentrified Face in the Parking Lot of Stop and Shop by Morgan Driscoll
A Ride Down An Indiana Highway by Peter Braddock
Again by Susan Kelly
Among the Clints by Deborah Guzzi
And On This Note... by Susan P. Blevins
Blue Gills by Jeff Burt
CAR by Judith Steele
Collision Theories by Bill Abbott
Coming to Term by Patricia Wentzel
Decoy by Marilyn Baszczynski
Encounter with an Owl by Craig W. Steele
Fairy Dance by Susan Kelly
Gathering Pre-Limo by Morgan Driscoll
Give Them the Reins by Bernadine Lortis
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Haiku by David Edwards
Historic Route 6 by Craig W. Steele
Hush Baby Rose by Jeff Burt
I Remember by Linda Leedy Schneider
In NOLA by Matthew Johnson
Inviolable by Morgan Driscoll
Last Evening by Evans
Late Night Observations by Anne Mikusinski
Mattituck, Long Island by Kathleen Connolly
Memories I Kept by Patricia Wentzel
Morning Toast and Strawberry Jam by Matthew Johnson
My Mother's Sewing Machine by Martha Landman
Night Swimming by J. Scott Shields
Paths by Craig W. Steele
Portrait in Violet by Bartholomew Barker
Rainstorm Beneath The Summit by Lee Evans
Raucous Rhubarb by Bernadine Lortis
Rescue Effort for Chelydra Serpentina by Marilyn Baszczynski
Shelbyville Revisited Pt.1 by Peter Braddock
Shimmering by Joan McNerney
Summer Solstice by Joan McNerney
The Emeriti by Darrell Petska
The Red Dress by Marylou Mansfield
Tree Top Crows... by David Edwards
Unexpected Encounter by Patricia Wentzel
Useful Things by Sera Taino
Winter to Spring by Damian Balassone
Winter's Wind by Amy Lee Kite


Earthquake by Jacqueline Masumian
Merely a Passenger by Thomas Elson
Saffron by Courtney Hoskins
The Reaper's Letter to the Editor, Miami Herald by Colleen M. Farrelly


A Non Traditional Mother by Amanda Felice Collier
Buying a New House by Manijeh Badiozamani
Drop Out by Raymond Tatten
Facing Dread by Mary Ellen Gambutti
Isidoro: September, 2002 by Fiona St Clair
My Life in a Box by Lisa Reily
Places Like This by Patty Somlo
Rainbow Over The Mesa by Susan P. Blevins
Remember, Dope, Don't Drown Junior by Bill Diamond
Riney by Fabrizia Faustinella
Sweat by Fiona St Clair
Tell Me Your Secrets by Ruth Z Deming
The Importance of Being Naked by Helen Peppe
The Moccasin by M. Scott Lowell
Walking by Fiona St Clair
Wings To Fly by Susan P. Blevins


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers