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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Winter's Wind

Amy Lee Kite

Along the lakefront, all is dark
Silence blankets her as she stands there
alone with her thoughts of togetherness
While her forgotten coat has company
beside other objects of warmth
strewn carelessly on her condo’s floor
Relentless wind, with no one else to bother
whips at her skin but provokes no response
All she feels is out there in the
It could be seen maybe with day’s light
Or felt with summer’s warmth
But on this black February night
her memory is the only
She hears him call out—
Hey, kid… My darlin’…
The texture of his voice carries her
and she walks effortlessly toward the
It beckons her forward, upward
toward the unknown
A dizzying display of quiet’s dichotomy
That leaves her vulnerable to the elements
A car whizzing by on Lake Shore Drive
shatters the silence
and reminds her that she is not