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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Rainstorm Beneath The Summit

Lee Evans

People think Iím melancholy,
Just because theyíre down there
At my foot somewhere.
They canít see whatís happening
Above the storm clouds.
Theyíre jumping to conclusions,
Though they canít jump that far!
Jagged bolts of livid lightning,
Miserable torrents of dark, driving rainó
Nothingness swallows the stress and strain
Of their ephemeral existences.
Here, above the storm, Somethingness
Reveals a heavenly skyscape:
Decapitated mountains
Ranging through time and space
Above themselves, as I above Me
Sport among curlicues
Of white beneficent clouds.
Itís a sunny day, Iím smilingó
Although I know whatís underneath
The elements I rise above.