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MUSED Literary Magazine.
What You Are Saying
One Thing - I loved this so much, the poignancy of longing and regret, and the twist at the end. I thought that he would get to speak with her, to wipe away his one regret. It was surprising, but the bouquet of origami frogs on her grave was a beautiful symmetry with the beginning of the story. ~LauraKay

Three Gentlemen Callers - What a wonderful story! I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the story being told through the perspective of seniors who are dealing with some very real elderly problems such as loneliness and dating. ~Lorraine

Saving Santa - What a delightful story. Who has not been put off by that 'perfect' neighbor or friend who always does things perfectly? Now, go move your Elf on the Shelf! ~Barbara

Nessun' Dorma - A wonderful homage to one of the greatest of all opera composers, and Nessun Dorma an aria of emotion, beauty and courage that is a crown of Western civilization. Than you LindaAnn Lo Schiavo, thinking of the great maestro's music one of life's great inspirations. ~Arthur

On the Run - This is a beautifully written story that pulls on the heartstrings. Thanks for writing it and sharing it. ~Lorraine

Deep Purple - Is there perfection in nature and in the eye of the ones capturing it? This photograph is truly an answer. colors clarity, composition, form: excellent! ~H.D.

The Lost, Crooked Christmas Tree - This is one of the best Christmas stories I've read! A beautiful true family Christmas

After Autumn - Great seasonal images enhance this poem and bring it to life. I'm glad to see that rhyming poetry is still alive too. I greatly enjoyed it. ~Lorraine

After Autumn - I enjoyed reading your Triolet. The imagery is wonderful and lets the reader experience the bleakness of the end of autumn and the cold of winter. A metaphor for life, I suppose. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your work. ~Nancy

Heroic! - Positively gorgeous - Gulag of mind -the Camus-discovered Sisyphus in his labors. Will certainly look for more of your work, Mr. Sharma. Are you related to Onkar Sharma, head of Literary Yard? ~Ruth

Emerald Cuckoo Wasp – Very nice pics! ~Map

Tulip - For some reason, I could actually smell this tulip! ~Ruth

Ramadan and Fasting - Hi Manijeh, Love your story, as usual! Petra ~Petra

Memories of a Summer Camp - The most exciting story yet and well-told! ! ~a'alesh

Raining in Sheffield - I thought this was beautiful. I felt as if I were there. Very vivid and moving. ~Kathleen

The Connection - a moving story, happy to have learned it. thanks for sharing. ~Denis

Aurora - Beautiful imagery with a powerful return to reality (of others) at the end. ~Michi

Aurora - Absolutely beautiful poem. I loved it. ~Moe

Aurora - Wonderful, Natalie! ~Stacy

Autumn at Giant - How observant, Linda, about the small things at a supermarket made large! ~Ruth

A Field of Stars – Absolutely lovely! ~Lorraine

Homage to Queen Anne´s Lace - Beautiful! ~Lorraine

In Praise of Bees, Beneficial and Mild – Awesome poem Neil!! ~Michelle

Last Wish - A lovely, sentimental memorial to a beloved mother. ~Lorraine