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Winter Solstice 2017 BellaOnline Literary Review Volume 11, Issue 4
MUSED Literary Magazine.

Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Amaryllis Delicacy by Christine Catalano
What Remains of a Person by Bob Evans
Golden Bum Ant by Mark Berkery
Evening Magic by Linda I. Nelson
Pipes by Lisa Shea
Gears 3 by Lisa Shea
Remnants of a Rose at Auschwitz-Birkenau by Bob Evans
Ghost Spider by Mark Berkery
Shield Bug by Mark Berkery
Two Leaf-cutter Bees by Mark Berkery
Starshine Beetle by Mark Berkery
Big Creamy by Christine Catalano
Peach Plate by Christine Catalano
Trees in the Mist by Christine Catalano
Double-Header by Carol Dandrade
Snake Eye by John Randell
Sturbridge Storage by Carol Dandrade
White Dhalia by Libia A Goncalves
Screech Owl 2 by John Randell
Spiral by Lisa Shea
Sunflower by John Randell
Seeing Double by Carol Dandrade
Baby Tiger by John Randell
Screech Owl 1 by John Randell
Cold Cape Cod by Carol Dandrade
Christmas Tea Cakes by Carol Dandrade
Reflections by Bob See
Myrtle Beach by Bob See
Sunny by Dennis Smith
Pondside Friends by Julie Vandekreke
Morning Fog March by Christopher Woods
Swept Away by Linda I. Nelson
Irma is Coming by Bob See
Street in Verona by Dennis Smith
Willet by Bob See
Dead Flowers by Bob Evans
Gears 1 by Lisa Shea
Purple Phase by Dave Bourdeau
Starfish by Dennis Smith
Fall Colors by Dennis Smith
Spiral Stairs by Linda I. Nelson
Memory by Norma Sadler
Redemption by Deb Bonam
Sandpipers by Bob See
Italian Alps Meadow by Dennis Smith
North Bluefield Maine by Dave Bourdeau
Umbrella by Shayan Sarkar


#45 by Chisaraokwu
A Brief Moment in the Sun by Charles A. Gramlich
A Funeral in the Rain by Ferris E Jones
A Lamp Lit by Jake Isaacson
A Stroll at Thanksgiving by Ken Allan Dronsfield
An Evening in September by Ann Christine Tabaka
Anniversary of a Breakup by E. F. Schraeder
Blues I by Shayan Sarkar
Blues II by Shayan Sarkar
Bones by Craig W. Steele
Boxcutter Blues by Damian Balassone
Cannon Cottage, September by Beth Spencer
Cat Quartet by Joan McNerney
Closure by Linda B. Gamble
Cold Front by J. Scott Shields
Counseling by Brigitte Goetze
Dear Friend by Penny Peyser
Disquietude by Laura Linford West
Encounter at 4:00 A.M. by Adrian Slonaker
Escape by Marc McMahon
Eternal Game by Ann Christine Tabaka
Flocking Together by Bernadine Lortis
Grey Mist by Craig W. Steele
Haiku by David Edwards
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Haiku by Maria DePaul
I, Rialto by James Aitchison
Lament of the Lamprey by Katie Predick
Misty by Isabelle Kenyon
Mocking Bird by Susan P. Blevins
Mounting Butterflies by Sera Taino
Night Falls - Day Breaks by Bernadine Lortis
Nomads by Asa Ricciardi
October, 1954 by Beth Spencer
Over the Miles by Louise Mathewson
Past/Future by Nicole Long
Photos de Barbara by Brigitte Goetze
Pink by Judith Steele
Plain Socks and Paints by Brigitte Goetze
Respite by Linda B. Gamble
Rock Bottom by Isabelle Kenyon
Route 50 by Cesca Adey
Serendiptity by Erren Geraud Kelly
Sick Day by Adrian Slonaker
The Hills of Tuscany by Marina Montenegro
The Horse Latitudes by Charles A. Gramlich
The Last Canoe Ride by Ruth Z. Deming
To the Blank Page by Sarah Law
Transformation by Katie Predick
Unseen by Katherine Tsoukalas
Untitled by David Edwards
Waiting for Sleep by Chani Zwibel
Walking Along Glass Beach by Maria DePaul
Wash Me Clean by Ann Christine Tabaka
Watcher of the Void by Craig W. Steele
Winter Solstice by Lee Evans
Winter's Grace by Bruce Levine


A White Egret Surrounded by Black by Patty Somlo
Broken by Ruth Z. Deming
Charlotte and Beau by James Moore
Disadvantage by Kate Noble
Dust on the Soul by D. D. Renforth
Fish and Muffins by Monika R. Martyn
I Think We'll Really Like It Here by Marion Immerman
Living with a Vata by Ron Jensen, posthumously by Diane Malk
Meet Me By The Old Yew Tree by Monika R. Martyn
One Thousand Words by Mary J. Breen
The Japanese Doll by Ruth Z. Deming
The Moon and the Birds by Don Tassone
World Wheelchair Day by F.M. Jones


A Secret Hiding Place by Ute Carson
Appearances Are Deceiving! by E.J. Pace
Cream Puffs by Manijeh Badiozamani
Grandma's Pajamas by Jake Isaacson
He Laughed by Noelle Sterne
My Big Self by Jamie Kahn
The Handbag by Susan P. Blevins
The Summer I Was Charged With Reckless Loving and Found Guilty by Maria Agostina


The Plant of Realization by Suzanne Saunders


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers