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MUSED Print Issue - the BellaOnline Literary Review

If you enjoy the feel of paper in your hands and the sight of a beautiful book on your shelves you can buy the print version of Mused!

We are offering each issue at printer list price. That is, we do not make any money at all on the sales here. The price shown is the zero-profit price that solely covers Lulu's printing costs. No money goes to us for a sale. The price goes to Lulu and solely covers Lulu's basic printing and shipping costs. We want each issue to be as affordable as possible for you to enjoy!

I realize I'm the publisher, but I can state with pride that these print issues are gorgeous. Every person I have shown these too has been amazed at the quality of Lulu's publishing. The colors are vibrant, the paper is high quality. This is literally a "full color artwork book" - NOT a "magazine".

The issues for Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2016, and Summer 2017 currently have a problem with Lulu accepting the layout which we are struggling with Lulu technical support to get resolved. So please hold off on buying those four specific issues until we get that sorted out! Thanks!