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MUSED Literary Magazine.

Lament of the Lamprey

Katie Predick

I am all mouth and tail, optimized
for vigorous kissing.
I need no neck or head
or face. My tubular body ends
in a flat disc of mouth;
a flashlight beaming with spiky teeth.
My throat opens wide enough
to swallow myself; turn myself inside out.
No jaw hinges my desire.

I chased your sharp scent
inland from the sea; tracking you
through estuary and canal.
Homing on the moment
of ecstasy when my razor tongue
split your veins, slithered
toward your heart.
Siphoned your life into mine.

My weight dragged against
your flailing fins, tethered
us to the current. I know
even my shadow swallowed
yours. I did not intend
to loom so large, to gulp you dry.
But all this mouth
bears so much hunger.