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Aussie Basics
Everything else that is useful to know about Australia. Explains Australian slang, Australia´s climate, multiculturalism, icons of Australia etc.

Aussie Food
Yummy iconic Aussie Food for you to prepare and enjoy.

Climates of Australia
Interested in what´s happening weather wise in Australia? Here´s some great articles that will give you a good picture of what to expect when visiting Australia.

Coming to Australia
Necessary information on Visas, customs, transportation, housing/accomodation etc.

Famous Australians
The Land Downunder has produced many world famous people. Adventurers, musicians, actors, writers and the list goes on. Read on to find out what makes our famous Aussies tick.

First Australians
All about Australia´s first Australians (Aboriginies)

Just for Laughs
Aussies love to laugh. They never take themselves very seriously (or others for that matter). Here´s a showcase of Australian humor, honest fun and from the heart.

Literature and Prose
Australian Literature and prose is unique, funny and often reflects the true Aussie spirit.

New South Wales
NSW is known as Australia´s Capital State for a reason. It is the most populous state in Australia and is also the most industrialised and cosmopolitan of all Australian states.

Northern Territory
The Outback State, Northern Territory has the most varied landscape, from tropical lush greenery to dry, arid desserts.

Oceania consists of many small and large islands that are found in the topical Pacific Ocean south of the Equator.

Australia´s Sunshine State, Queensland is blessed with warmth and enjoys more winter sunshine than any other Australian state. It is also the second largest Australian state after Western Australia.

South Australia
The Festival State of Australia, South Australia boasts of a whole string of festival and events throughout the year. South Australia is also the country´s driest state and the only state not colonise

Commonly referred to as The Apple Isle, Tasmania is the smallest of all Australian states. It is also seperated from the mainland by the Bass Strait. Tasmania was once the world´s major apple producer

The Capital Territory
Lying between Sydney and Melbourne, ACT is the only state in Australia that does not have its own coastline. It is also the capital city of Australia.

Three weeks in Tasmania allows a very thorough experience. Tasmania is said to be one of the last of the true pristine wildernesses in the world. Enjoy this diary of visit to this wonderful island.

This category holds travel diaries to record journeys I have made throughout Australia. The diaries will include travel details, mileage, tourist attractions and other interesting information you mig

Unique Australian Native Animals
Australia has some of the most unique native animals found on the planet.

Commonly referred to as Australia´s Garden State, Victoria is Australia´s second smallest state. Yet it is also Australia´s second most populated state after New South Wales.

Western Australia
The Wildflower State, Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia and occupies a third of the country. It also has the lowest population density in Australia and probably around the world.

World Heritage & National Heritage Listed Sites
Australia boasts 19 World Heritage Listed sites throughout the nation and many nationally listed heritage sites for the visitor to enjoy.

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