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Healthy and Homemade Smoothies, Juices, Vita-water, and Sodas

Find your favorite dessert or snack recipe here!

Healthy Tips
Healthy tips to get your kids eating more nutritious meals.

Holiday Foods
Keep each and every holiday fun and healthy for the kids with these holiday-themed easy to prep meal, snack, and beverage recipes.

Meal Themes
Learn how to choose a theme to entice your child to eat healthier! Plan an Italian, Mexican, or Japanese night. Or perhaps your boys would love a Ball Park-themed dinner, Pirate-themed party lunch, or

Meals: Breakfast
Make sure your kiddo´s start their day off right with my quick, tasty, and healthy breakfast recipes.

Meals: Lunch
Lunch is an important meal of the day. It nourishes your child´s body, provides them with the nutrition they need to have sustainable energy needed to focus, and rejuvenates them. Check out my great t

Meals: Supper
Healthy dinners for healthy kids! Your family will enjoy these recipes too. Get all age groups involved in your healthy meal planning, prepping, and cooking! Check out my recipes here.

Mini-Meal Snacks
Learn how to pair up healthy and lean proteins with complex carbohydrates for delicious and nutritious snacks that will keep your children satisfied in between meals.

Healthy Salad Recipes

Side Dishes
Healthy Side Dishes

Slow Cooker
Save time in the kitchen with these healthy and delicious slow cooker recipes!

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