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Arts Review
You´ll find reviews of films, books, museum shows, art happenings all across the board of the lively arts scene in Ireland.

Body, Mind & Spirit
Ireland is well-known for having something a little extra, some call it "magic," others experience an enhanced sense of well-being...whatever it is, reach out and be touched. Allow your mind, body and

Foods & Recipes
Irish food is about a lot more than Mulligan stew! You may find there have been a culinary revolution in Ireland since the last time you looked. Don´t worry, there´s still plenty of brown bread!

Finding the family in the old country is a gift to the future. Genealogy is a great way to keep the family together. Enjoy Clan Association gatherings...

Irish artistic products, such as jewelry, china, crystal, etc. are distinctive and appealing. Whether you´re looking for a gift for someone Irish or you´d like some Irish touches about yourself, the s

Irish history is well studied and much loved. Here are some links to interesting sites with Irish historical content.

Irish Hospitality
As the Irish know very well, a nice toddy warms a body from the inside out on a soft day. How else could anyone keep warm before central heating? Warmth and comfort, and great conversation and lively

Irish music, in a class by itself. Assorted links pertaining to Irish music: artists, CDs, classes, performances, etc.

Myths & Legends
Some say the best of Ireland is in the long memories of her people, repeating stories from the dawn of time. Follow the rainbow into the tales from the Irish mind.

Poetry & Verse
Irish verse, much like traditional Irish music has often been handed down through the generations. Never lose a poem that you learned at your mother´s knee, or father´s for that matter.

A trip to Ireland is an ideal holiday no matter where you´re coming from.

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