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Mexican refreshments for everyday and every special occasion. Hot, cold, cocktail and mocktail recipes too.

Breakfast recipes that will work all day.

Chiles and Salsas
The vast majority of the world´s chile peppers owe their origin to Mexican. The chile and complex salsas are the backbone of Mexican cuisine.

Cookbook Reviews
Reviews of who is publishing what on the exciting Mexican food scene.

Culture and History
The original fusion food. Mexico is a land of indigenous, conquerors, and immigrants. The food is an adventure in flavor and technique that reflects a culture and history that is a world of its own.

Mexico´s sweets range from fruits, fresh or preserved, to a great legacy of baked goods that the French helped build, to unusual and delicious candies.

Eggs are an easy and nutritious food source used in abundance in Mexican cooking and in some ways that may be new to most egg aficionados.

Fish and Seafood
The lakes, streams, Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Pacific Coast are a rich food source for a nation. Explore the fruits of these waters.

Pasture Meats
Recipes for popular snacks, appetizers, snacks and main courses.

Poultry was a primary food source for pre-Columbians. Enjoy recipes for quail, duck, turkey and the ever so modern chicken.

Regional Specialities
Mexico is a vast land with a diverse geography. Each region has a culinary specialty or a unique take on a national dish based on its history. Not all recipes are reproducible, but they are interestin

Sopas Secas
Mexican sopa seca is the unique intersection of soups, pastas and/or rice. Sopa, the common name for delicious, brothy-sauce laden, foods using vermicelli, shells, and many other small pastas.

Soups and Stews
Comfort food is comfort food in any land. Mexico´s is no exception. Beef cocido, classic rustic chicken soup and the cure all of all cure alls: menudo (and more).

Tortillas and Breads
Tortillas existed before the conquest; but the amazing pan de dulce, bolillo and telera are the results of European influence. Bread and Tortillas are side-by-side on the Mexican table.

The side dishes and salads that accompany Mexican main course can frequently become delicious vegetarian alternatives. Explore the flavors and textures of the abundant world of Mexicans produce throug

Mexican food does not all have to live up to heavy, hot stereotypes; here we have a sampling of meatless options to nourish and comfort vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

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