Etiquette at Work

How common courtesy and good manners can increase productivity and sales in the work place.

Bathrooms, Buses and Elevator Doors star
A surefire way to irritate the person or people on the other side of the door is your failure to yield.

Business Cocktail Party star
You’re going to a work-related cocktail party and aren’t sure what’s expected of you.

Business Email Etiquette Style star
Desktop emails are not formal letters, nor are they quick responses like from an I-phone

Business Etiquette star
Proper Business Etiquette Allows Success to Flow From You and Follow You

Calling In Sick star
Being prepared for an illness is in everyone's best interest

Cancelling an Appointment star
Is cancelling the New Black? Cancelling an appointment is not just inconvenient for you. Your cancelling is affecting others. Keeping that in mind is a step closer to cancelling with style.

Carpooling and Ridesharing star
Commuting to work can be tough on your car and your wallet. Sharing a ride can offset those challenges just as long a everyone agrees to a few rules beforehand.

Casual Friday star
We love the opportunity to dress down for casual Friday. But will you wear to work what you'd paint the bathroom in? Come on, you can do better than that.

Casual Office Attire star
Business class is more lax than ever when it comes to dressing

Corporate Etiquette star
In a down economy, where everyone is working hard just to keep their doors open, good business practices are essential

Dressing for A Company Party star
It's time for you to get dressed up and go to a company mixer. Your apparel decision can say more about you than you might like

Greeting Visitors star
You're poised to open the door for your guest. Here's how to greet your visitor

Hotel Rooming Etiquette star
Rooming in a hotel with co-workers can be difficult. With a few considerations, however, a comfortable stay is definately possible.

How To Bring Down A Company Event star
Working for a living can mean a few after hours’ gatherings. When its work sponsored, it’s still business as usual

If You Don't Pick It Up Who Will star
Cleaning up after yourself is something you should have been taught when you were a toddler

Interviewing Manners - Dinner and an Interview star[offsite link]
This page on gives good advice on what and what is not acceptable behavior at a dinner/ lunch interview. There is also a link for the follow-up thank you letter - Which is a must for meal interviews!

Is the Workplace a Nice Place to Work? star
Bad behavior is infectious. Give the office a good cleanse before the best employees walk out.

Job Interview During a Meal star
Interviewing for a job is tough enough. But a meal too? This article will navigate you through the meal and help you snag that job.

Men's Socks star
Socks to Match the Pant? Or Match the Shoe?

Networking star
Working the Small Talk Circuit

Noise at Work star
What is it and what to do about it.

Office Attire and the Need for a Suit star
Although business casual has become the office norm, there are still plenty of reasons to have one great suit in your closet.

Personal Grooming at Work star
A few rules to follow regarding personal grooming in the workplace

Playing at Work star
Hanging out with co-workers outside of the office can enhance the working environment. Keep in mind, however, that you will see them at your place of work again tomorrow.

Please and Thank you star
Timeless Classics Never Go Out Of Style

Please and Thank You At Work star
You are Never Too Old or Mature To Express Kindness and Appreciation

Semi-Casual Attire star
Various Attire Definitions Float Around. Semi Casual is Broken Down Here.

Sick Employees star
What to do for sick employees and about them

Small Talk Topics star
How to work the networking circuit

Speaker Phone Etiquette star
Speaker phones can be a real annoyance. If you are loving that "live" button, you might just be a control freak

Summer Office Attire star
Anticipating summer? Here are dressing tips for the office.

Technology, Home and Work star
Flexibility - is it a workplace benefit or a curse?

Ten Basic Etiquette Tips for Business Meals star
Unsure of how to eat at a business event without goofing up? Here´s some essential etiquette tips to help!

The Rotten Boss star
Many bosses assume they are doing a stellar job. But if everyone at the office is unhappy perhaps you aren't so great after all

Work and Play star
Finding a balance between a positive business relationship with co-workers in and out of the office can be tricky.

Work Party Gone Bad star
A company party may be on the horizon. There are many ways to ensure a great time and other ways to emerge the sour co-worker

Workplace Etiquette - Is It a Nice Place? star
Rude Workers and Micro-manager and just two of the many taxing work situations that have employees cringing at the thought of entering the office.

Workplace Rules for Handheld Devices star
Dos and Don'ts to observe when using your phone at work

Workplace Woes star
Personal hygiene and attire are top complaints among colleagues. Are your habits wreaking havoc in the workplace?

Workplace Woes and How to Work Past Them star
Working in close quarters and having to socialize with people who might not realize they are lacking in the hygiene area can be uncomfortable to say the least.

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