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Missing and Exploited Children
Modern technology is evolving at an amazing rate. Everyday new social media, online gaming and role playing websites pop-up. Now with faster access to the internet from home and school, including smar

A Parent Guide to Chatting Online star
Today adolescents use a form of chat lingo, which is a faster way to type when chatting online to friends or acquaintances. Do you understand what you read on your child´s computer screen? If not, then read my article.

Cell Phone Reuinites Missing Child in Carjacking star
Mom´s cell phone helps save eight year old during carjacking and reunites the boy with his parents.

Cell Phone Safety star
Cell phones have literally replaced landlines, yet there is a different learning curve to turn on and use a cell phone. Have you taught your child how to call 911 on a cell phone?

Distracted Parenting the Dangers of Technology star
Technology is wonderful and portable with the advancements in smart phones we can take it anywhere. Yet, technology is also extremely distracting and it is putting our children's lives at risk. Learn how to make safe choices in the age of technology.

Keeping Personal Information Safe star
Have you considered what happens when you do one of the following listed in the article? Learn how to keep you and your family safe.

Online Safety star
Talk to your children about safety while online. Set limits for regarding suitable sites and make clear what personal information is appropriate to share and what is not.

Online Safety for Children star
Parents need to talk to children about safety while online. Set limits for where children can surf and what information he or she may release. Internet safety guidelines are important for children allowed to use the internet. What are your personal guidelines?

Online Safety for Children star
Children are using the internet and internet accessible devices at earlier and earlier ages and many parents are assuming they know what they are doing and that they will not give out personally identifying information. What does your child's online profile reveal?

Personal Identification for Mass Casualties star
In light of the bombings on Monday in Boston I began to contemplate how to keep children safe if separated or hurt in the chaos that ensues after a terrorist attack. Read this article to learn how to provide emergency contact information for both children and adults in the chaotic aftermath.

Predators Access Children Electronically star
How can we as parents monitor our childrens safety when he or she can text, instant message, surf, and call anyone in the world from their own bedroom behind closed doors without a parent ever knowing with whom their child is interacting. Monitoring children is part of being a parent.

Predators in Cyberspace star
Who do you let into your home via the internet? Child predators are lurking in cyberspace waiting for an innocent child to log onto the home computer. Learn how to keep your children safe while surfing.

Preventing Remote Access to Webcams star
If your computer has a built in webcam it can be accessed remotely through spyware and other malicious programs. Learn how to protect yourself from being exploited by your webcam from a hacker.

Protecting Personal Information star
Is your garage door opener clipped to the sun visor? If you park in your driveway and not your garage, you may be providing a direct entry for someone who does not belong inside your home. Read the article to find out how to stay safe.

Responsible Social Networking star
You cannot believe everything you read on the internet, and it is imperative that information be verified before it is posted and continually re-posted. Re-posting inaccurate information is irresponsible. Learn how to be a responsible social network informer.

Snapchat, Smart Phones and Teens star
Teens are finding out the commonly used Snapchat app to send and receive scantily clothed pictures to friends online may actually leave the teen with indecent exposures accessible online. The app which originally claimed to erase naked or half naked selfies is perhaps not able to do all it claims.

Social Media Changing Life and Death star
Electronic technology is advancing daily and changing the way we communicate with family and friends and not necessarily in a positive way. Learn how to properly post in crisis situations and how to stay safe online.

Social Networking Guidelines star
How safe are you online? Even if you do not provide personal information on your profile your best friend may be giving away your safety by attaching to your social networking page. Find out how to keep yourself and your friends safe in cyberspace.

SSN Solves Richard Landers Missing Child Cold Case star
Over 200,000 children are abducted by family every year. Learn how a SSN solves a missing child cold case locating 24 year old Richard Landers who was abducted by his paternal grandparents in 1994.

Technology Keeping Kids Safe star
Have you ever lost a child who was too young to know his or her name or phone number? Yet with technology evolving a digital camera or cell phone camera may be one of the best lines of defense to help your child if he or she is separated from you. Learn how this works.

The Newest Tool of Child Predators - Cellphones star
Cell phones are what most parents will buy a child in order to feel that their child is safe. Cell phones have become a pedophiles new tool to groom a child for a meeting. A parent may never realize a sex offender is contacting their child for a physical meeting until it is too late. Find out why.

Toddler Taken Hostage at Wal-Mart star
A two year old is taken hostage in a Midwest City Oklahoma Wal-mart store and the entire situation is captured on surveillance video. Learn what happened and how to protect your family.

Two-way Radios Powerful Safety Devices star
Although cell phones are a wonderful convenience in reality they take time to turn on and use in an emergency. Safely kept in a pocket or purse how does one manage to get it out and dial for help quickly. Two-way radios might be a safer option than a cell phone for younger children.

Verifying Information Online star
Do you verify email and electronic media information for accuracy or do you accept what is provided on the internet as the implicit truth? Read my article to see why it is now more important than ever to verify before forwarding false information.

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