Cold Prevention

Allergies and Colds
There are many things you can do in your daily life to help prevent you from catching colds or flus in the first place.

Antibiotics in meat star
You are eating antibiotics everyday if you eat meat

'Cold cure' chicken soup recipes star
Studies show soup has medicinal properties for reducing symptoms

Acetaminophen overdose danger star
Cold and flu season brings widespread use of acetaminophen

Airplane colds star
You are 100 times more likely to catch a cold on a plane than in everyday life.

Alternative therapies decline star
Fewer Americans are turning to supplements to treat, prevent colds and flu.

Antibiotics in meat star
You are eating antibiotics everyday if you eat meat.

Antibiotics overuse star
What to do when you want to avoid antibiotics because their overuse can be the cause of chronic sinus and upper respiratory conditions, and allergies.

Banish colds star
Cut your risk of catching colds by 40 percent by gargling

Best cold remedies star
Stock your medicine cabinet as September marks the start of cold season

Bolster immunity star
Add Omega 3's to your diet to make you less vulnerable to colds.

Boost your immunity star
Don't rely on youth to protect you from germs. Adopt healthy habits.

Clear up congestion star
Try some drug-free therapies to open up your stuffy sinus passages

Cold and flu prevention star
Regular hand washing, good health habits are keys

Cold medication hazards star
Over-the-counter cold medicines can sometimes be more harmful than helpful

Cold myths star
Vitamin C supplements and milk products may have no effect on cold symptoms

Cold myths/facts star
Make some chicken soup and ignore most other advice about colds and flu

Cold prevention star
Practice healthy habits, including good eating and exercise, all cold season long

Cold remedies star
Tips for boosting immunity and busting cold germs

Cold remedies for children star
Help youngsters under 2 feel better without cold or cough medicines that may have serious health risks Help youngsters under 2 feel better without cold or cough medicines that may have serious health risks

Cold sores star
Painful blisters can appear whether or not you have cold/fever

Colds and probiotics star
Help win the battle over colds this year by adding good bacteria to your gut

Colds and sugar star
Does sugar make you more vulnerable to colds and flu?

Colds impair driving star
Drivers with colds or flu have a 50 percent decrease in driving ability

Cultured kefir star
Skip the medicine and try kefir for a strong immune system

Disease Directory: Allergies/Food star[offsite link]
This is a very extensive listing of great information.

Eat more legumes star
Beans, peas, lentils can boost your immunity

Eat more pumpkin star
Pumpkin and other winter squash contain vitamin A to power your immune system

Eat yourself well star
Making healthy food choices may help you recover faster when you are sick with a cold or flu.

Fermented foods star
Cultured vegetables may boost your immunity by supercharging your digestive system.

Gifts of kindness star
Share some gifts that don’t cost anything but your time with your favorite allergy or cold sufferer.

Ginger fights colds star
Make ginger part of your cold prevention arsenal.

Grapefruit Seed Extract star
Multi-use product may help strengthen immune system to fight off colds

Green tea benefits star
Green tea, probiotics and Vitamin D may help prevent colds and flu.

Heal with juicing star
Juicing may help strengthen the immune system by providing powerful nutrients.

Healing bone broth star
Ancient healing food boosts immune system and reduces allergies

Healthy holiday plan star
Protect yourself from colds, flu and food allergies during your holiday get-togethers and travels

Holiday sanity star
Adopt the KISS strategy to keep the holidays simple and improve your overall health

Holiday wellness plan star
How to keep from getting sick during the holidays

How to fight off cold bugs star
Exercise beats pills, medicine and supplements hands down when it comes to boosting your immunity.

Humidifiers star
These devices can help lessen the drying effect of indoor air during the winter which takes a toll on noses and other sensitive areas of our bodies.

Humidifiers breed bacteria star
Some types of humidifiers are better at bacteria prevention

Immune system boosters star
Keep yourself well and avoid being a flu/cold statistic.

Improve your immunity star
Eating cultured foods can strengthen immunity and improve digestion

Inflamed sinuses star
Dry indoor air could be the cause of irritated mucous membranes.

Kefir: a superfood star
Cultured milk may help power up your immune system and reduce allergic inflammation

Kick insomnia star
Sleep deprivation takes toll on immune system and makes you more vulnerable to colds and flu.

Kitchen cures star
Home remedies may ease cold and flu symptoms naturally with fewer side effects

Mind/body connection star
Mental health is important to staying well during cold and flu season.

More gift ideas star
Homemade gift ideas that can be useful to allergy and cold sufferers.

Mucus-causing foods star
Certain foods, especially dairy, may contribute to mucus build-up for allergy, cold and sinusitis sufferers

Nasal cleansing systems star
Classic Neti Pot gets updated.

Natural cold remedies star
Alternative treatments and supplements for colds have lost their luster but there are still many natural remedies to try.

Neti Pot evolves star
Many versions of the classic ceramic pot are now available to suit a variety of needs.

Neti pot warning star
Two recent deaths tied to neti pots prompt reminder on proper usage of device.

Optimal immune function star
This year's overlapping cold and allergy seasons make taking care of your immune system critical.

Optimum health star
Lessen your chances of getting colds and increase your stamina in dealing with allergies by improving your overall health.

Outsmart cold germs star
You need to take extra measures to stay well when someone else in your household has a cold or flu.

Pass on antibacterials star
Antibacterial products contain a potentially dangerous chemical, called triclosan

Peak sinusitis season star
Avoid being a casualty of sinusitis by taking care of your nasal passages

Peppermint patties star
Try some peppermint in these delicious confections and get health benefits too

Preventing sinusitis star
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Saline nasal sprays star
Inexpensive sprays can help keep the nasal passages moisturized during winter months.

Sinus infection prevention star
Individuals prone to sinus infections can keep them away if they have a battle plan.

Sinus remedy star
Plain Mucinex Expectorant may offer relief from sinus problems for some individuals.

Stopping colds star
Tips for preventing colds and shortening their duration

Thanksgiving pumpkin recipes star
Eat pumpkin year round because of its immunity-boosting properties

The Paleo Diet star
Diet high in veggies, fruits may reduce frequency and duration of colds and flu.

Up Vitamin D star
Increase your Vitamin D intake to reduce risk of colds and flu

Valentine's care package star
A container of comforting soup may be better than sweets for friends and family members who are sick with a cold, flu or sinusitis.

Veggies support immunity star
Vitamins and antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables are keys to strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin C debunked star
Vitamin C doesn't prevent colds but other strategies have greater effect

Vitamins C, D, plus zinc star
Try these immune-system boosters to stay well this winter.

Wash your hands star
Eighty percent of infections are spread through hand contact. So soap up and fight back.

Wellness resolutions star
It´s time to resolve to stick with some healthy practices that will help make you less susceptible to colds in the coming year.

Winter nosebleeds star
Cold weather and dry air bring nosebleeds and irritated sinuses.

Winter runny nose star
Non-allergic rhinitis which mimics allergies common in winter

Winter survival guide star
Tips for keeping healthy during the cold days of winter

Yoga fights colds star
Common exercise boosts immunity for disease protection

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