Insights into bringing out the best of yourself as an artist in the field of music, and other aspects of life.

Music Careers – For Money, Love or Both? star
Can you do what you love and still make money?

Accelerated Learning star
The secret to learning quickly is actually to approach learning slowly!

Alzheimer's and Music star
Memory and music are tied together. And memories last longer when associated with music.

Boost Your Happiness and Your Creativity star
Getting into the flow of creativity can be easier than you think

Find Your Learning Style and Surge Ahead star
Your learning style can help you easily take in information. Are you more visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?

Get More Work Done by Doing Less star
Feeling alone? Like you have to do everything by yourself? Asking for help in the right way can work miracles.

Happiness Will Arrive When You Take a Chance star
Improvising in Music or Life Changes Your Expectations, and Gives You Unexpected Gifts

How to Start a Project – and Finish It star
Start your Next Music Project with Clarity, and Focus Your Energy

Manifesting What You Want star
How to Turn Your Dreams into Concrete Reality

Music Careers star
Want a career that will make your heart sing? Take small steps, one at a time, and watch fantastic things start to happen.

Music Effects star
Music can carry helpful messages. Have you ever received one?

Musicians - Rise Above! star
How to apply the Law Of Attraction to your musical career in a challenging time.

Self Esteem star
Change your self-talk and boost your motivation.

Self Image – Confidence and Self Esteem Building star
Positive Thinking Can Change Low Self Esteem and Help Your Career. Learn How Your Inner Mentors Can Change Loneliness to Success.

Sharing Musicianship with your Children star
Playing music together is a great way to enjoy quality family time, and family bonds are strengthened by having something meaningful and beautiful to share.

Singing Songs Of Freedom - Miriam Makeba star
About 5 years ago I wanted to learn a song, a beautiful African song, called Hapo Zamani. I had heard it sung by Miriam Makeba, from her 1989 Welela album...

Sound Design star
If you’re designing sound for a film or game, consider how it will affect the emotions of your audience. And if you’re looking at film or playing a game, start noticing how the sound affects you.

Succesful Creativity star
There is a mysterious process that governs most of your life. And most of your happiness. Make this process work for you!

The Gift Of Musicianship star
In music, as in everything else, gratitude makes life sweet, and nurtures dreams and desires. Everything you bless with your appreciation grows and blossoms. The more you love, the more it loves you back! Here are some of my experiences, that I am thankful for. I hope they make you smile!

The Self Determined Musician star
The potential for a fulfilling musical career has never been greater.

Three Steps to Great Creativity star
How to be creative, whether you feel like it or not.

Where do I begin? star
Want to be a musician, either for your own pleasure, or professionally? Here are a few suggestions about how to start it all.

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