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A Potentially Lethal Headache
A subarachnoid hemorrhage can occur when a brain aneurysm ruptures. This serious condition can be immediately life-threatening. While not all headaches are cause for concern, some just might be.

Causes of Leg Swelling
Do your legs ever swell? If so, you need to know if this is due to a benign condition, such as leaky valves in your leg veins or heart failure, a much more serious condition.

A Healthy Holiday Meal
Make a healthy holiday feast, without the guilt. Just make a few tweaks here and there and you can enjoy a yummy feast, guilt-free.

Diuretics are a common class of blood pressure medication. However, they have the potential to have serious side effects. Learn more in this article.

Italian Chicken Dinner
While too much oil is never a good thing, if it is extra virgin olive oil, your heart may be happy, as long as it is done in moderation. Read this article for an easy, yummy dinner idea.

Purple Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe
This intriguing dish is power-packed itch nutrients and is bursting with flavor. Purple, yes, but very yummy.

Types of Heart Block
There are 3 types of heart block, not all of which are equally significant. Heart block is a relatively common condition and does not always cause symptoms.

Aortic Stenosis
Aortic stenosis is a condition in which the heart valve that leads to the aortic fails to open fully. If you have aortic stenosis, you may develop chest pain, shortness of breath or even pass out.

Side Effects of Statins
Statins are drugs used to lower cholesterol, but have the potential to save lives even if the cholesterol level is not elevated. Learn about common side effects of these drug in this article.

Heart Happy Holidays
This holiday season, make a plan to enjoy the season sensibly. Be creative and have a heart-happy holiday.

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