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Being a Writer
The fiction writing life consists of more than learning, practicing, and publishing. Look here for information on obtaining feedback, developing good habits, interacting online, coping with reviews, o

Fiction Examples
One way to learn to write fiction is to read good fiction. Here I recommend fiction books that are more than just good reads -- they will teach you by example about plot, characters, and technique.

Genres are categories of fiction such as romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and historical. There are subgenres within genres, and to find your genre or subgenre is to find your niche.

To write with authority, you must understand the basics of grammar and punctuation.

Plot depends upon character motives, pacing, and genre considerations. Look here for information on everything relating to plot.

Writing a good book is only half the battle. Now you must get the readers┬┤ attention with every tool at your disposal from your book blurb to your website.

Here is where you turn your manuscript into a marketable book through editing, cover art, and distribution.

Skills such as pacing, tension, conflict, dialog, foreshadowing, point of view, and world-building are all part of your writing technique.

Writing Prompts
Try these writing prompts to break through writer┬┤s block and have fun.

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