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Healing with the pressure points of your body. This form of healing can be used for physical and emotional healing.

Scents play a very important part of our spiritual wellbeing. They can aid in physical healing and offer emotional comfort and support.

Ayurveda is the original mind-body-soul holistic health system first practised during the Vedic age in India around 1700 BC.

Common Conditions
An holistic overview of some of the more common health conditions that affect us.

Crystal Healing
Crystals can be used for so many reasons and should be included in your healing regimen. From the spiritual to the physical you can enhance your life with these precious gifts from the Earth.

Energy Healing
Many diseases begin in the energetic system of the body. Energy healing can help prevent diseases and help the body to heal itself.

Exercise is not only essential for good health but is great for your spiritual wellbeing.

Food Choices
Food and nutrition is a very important part of your total body, mind, and spirit experience. Choosing wisely can increase the quality of your life.

Healing Modalities
Natural treatment modalities for holistic health.

Many people don´t realize the benefits you can attain through Shamanism. Simple techniques you can use to increase your wellbeing.

Holistic Health Tips
General health tips to improve your holistic life.

Natural Skin Care
Using natural skin can care become quite overwhelming when you don´t know where to start. Join me in choosing what´s best for you.

I have many recipes that I love. Not only for the inside but also for the outside. Come and experience with me some of my favorites.

Reiki has been around for many years and is even now offered in major hospitals on the West Coast. It is an alternative healing that is gaining popularity based on its continued positive results.

I believe in word of mouth. If I have used or experienced things I love I will pass them on to you.

Supplements are very important for overall health. By adding these to our diet we can achieve better health.

The Chakras
Keeping your chakras clean and free of energy blockages is very important. Experience with me the ease of achieving this.

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