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They were not held in high regard until the movies were invented, but now actors are stars whose lives we celebrate. They easily fill a category all of their own.

Starting with a day for pranks and fools, April brings the giddiness of spring to the northern hemisphere. Here’s what else happens during this month.

The last month of summer in the northern hemisphere, August is hot and hushed and restless. Take a look at some events that occurred during these weeks.

What is it about a life of crime that fascinates us? Find out from some of history’s most infamous events and notorious criminals.

Fame & Infamy
Superstars. Outlaws. Curiosities. Daredevils who lived to tell. Victims of the law, wrongly accused. Whatever their claims to fame or infamy, these men and women made history.

The shortest month of the year, February is made a day longer every leap year, which is exactly divisible by 4 and 400. An extra day for an extra event!

Firsts & Lasts
The first man in space. The first time women could vote. The first words spoken on the telephone. Famous last words. Here are a few notable beginnings and endings in recorded history.

Fun & Games
All serious topics and no play would make Today in History much too dull. Read about humor and games, and try your hand at a few quizzes here!

The first month of the year is named for Janus, the Roman god with two faces. One face looks to the future it is greeting; the other looks to the past, when these events occurred in history …

“When I want to read a novel,” said Benjamin Disraeli, “I write one.” Here, read about writers of novels, non-fiction and poetry, and the stories they told.

It was named for Mars, the Roman god of war, and has a hidden pun on its fourth day, not to mention the infamous Ides. In fact, March is 31 days of pure fascination …

Named for the Greek goddess Maia, the fifth month of the year “brings May flowers” in the northern hemisphere. Here’s what else it brought in the past.

Without music, as the pun goes, the world would B-flat. Here are some of history’s musical occurrences and the people we can thank for them.

Motion pictures and television shows have all but ruled our lives since they were invented. Do you remember some of these dates in movie and TV history?

Coronations, assassinations, awards, appointments, and the achievements of statesmen and spiritual leaders alike. Read about world-changing events here.

Whether through serendipity or by design, science and technology advance culture and make history. Read about these occurrences and their enduring consequences.

Thirty days hath September … and what happened in the past on each of those days? Find out on this short list.

Sporting events have fascinated spectators for centuries. Read about athletes who have broken barriers, pushed the bar high, and set world records.

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