Some issues of fertility addressed here. See also the fertility site on bellaonline.

Cervical cancer and conception star
A diagnosis of cervical cancer is scary, especially if you want children. After surgery, things are different, but children can still be in your future.

Cervical mucus and conception star
Cervical mucus is an important player in conception. This rather unsung hero catches, traps and feeds the sperm on their journey to meet the egg. So if you're deficient, it may be a problem, but there are ways to deal with that.

Conception and Chiropractors star
Since everything is connected via the nerves and the spine, proper alignment of the spine could potentially help you achieve pregnancy. There are chiropractors who specialize in pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. How could this help?

Conception and IVF star

Conception services in other countries star
Medical tourism includes fertility services. As stressful as it can be to go through fertility treatments, like IVF, what is it like to go to another country for that?

Conception through IVF star
I hear all the time that IVF is too expensive, but most people saying that have never actually asked the price. I will tell you the real story.

Dental Fillings and Conception star
Amalgam fillings are a hazard to your health. The sooner you get them removed, the better.

Endometriosis and conception star
Endometriosis can affect your fertility--know what you are facing

Essential oils and fertility star
Fragrances can contain a lot of chemicals that are actually bad for fertility, but some essential oils can actually help you conceive.

Excess estrogen effect on conception star
Excess estrogen in our foods is causing havoc with fertility. Estrogen is one of the female hormones, but too much of it doesn't make you "more" of a woman--it is not a good thing.

Fertility Drugs star

Freeze Your Eggs star

IUI versus IVF and conception star
If you have been trying to get pregnant for a year (if you're under 35) or six months (if you're over 35), and you have not been successful, it's time to move on to the specialist. Once there, what are your choices? Should you try IUI or go straight to IVF?

Letrozole and conception star
Letrozole is an alternative to clomiphene for ovulation induction. Is it better?

One ovary and conception star
I have known a lot of women who have one ovary due to surgery for ovarian cysts. Of course, they worried about being able to get pregnant later on. How essential are two ovaries to having a family?

Picking your reproductive specialist star
If you have decided to seek a specialist in order to conceive your child, how do find a good one? We will discuss how to find a reproductive endocrinologist

Professional help for Conception star
The current statistics for infertility quote that 1 in 7 couples will have problems getting pregnant. That seems fairly high, so if you feel that you're alone with a fertility problem, you are not. When do you need professional help conceiving?

Religion and conception star
Sometimes it might feel like you must have done something wrong because you can't get pregnant when everyone else can. Is there some divine retribution that rewards some women and penalizes others?

SART star
Ratings for reproductive endocrinology practices

Smoking and Conception star
For those of you smokers trying to conceive, let me scare you with this information: women who smoke go into menopause about two years earlier than women who do not smoke. For those of you who are approaching 40 and hope to conceive, smoking could keep that dream from becoming a reality. Smoking

Symbols of Fertility star

Tubal ligation Reversal and conception star
Getting pregnant after surgical sterilization

Viagra and conception star
Viagra is pretty famous for helping older men continue to enjoy a normal bedroom life, but it's also used by younger men, sometimes not so appropriately. And perhaps with unintended consequences for the family they hope to have.

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