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5 Tips for Healthy Eating on Vacation star
Sticking to healthy eating plans while on vacation can be difficult. Check out these tips to stay on track with your healthy diet while you're on the road. With a little planning, you can eat healthy and keep your energy high for your vacation adventures.

5 Ways to Avoid the Temptation of Unhealthy Food star
Unhealthy foods surround us almost everywhere we go, so how do we make good choices in the face of temptation? Here are five tips to help you avoid giving into unhealthy foods that will only end up making you feel worse.

All Fats Are Not Created Equal star
An informative article about fats by guest author Elizabeth Yarnell.

Brown Bag Lunches star
Pamper your wallet and waistline with a delicious home-packed lunch. Read on for lunchtime tips and two vegetarian sandwich spread recipes.

Changes for Healthy Eating star
Originally published by former editor Jennifer Murray, this article is a wonderful reminder of how to eat healthy and why we need to! Don't throw out all your favorite foods in the name of eating healthy. Here are a few tips on healthy eating.

Coconut Oil Benefits and How to Use It star
Did you ever want to explore healthier alternatives to vegetable and canola oils? Discover the benefits of swapping those oils with coconut oil.

Eating Healthy on a Budget star
Healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive. Here are tips for making your food dollars count.

Fast and Easy Dinner At Home star
Put a healthy meal on the table every night in no time! Plan, prepare, and simplify the menu. These ideas will inspire you.

Fast Food Nutrition - Making Healthy Choices star
Is there really such a thing as healthy fast food? The good news is that a lot of restaurants are adding healthier choices on their menus.

Fats as Part of a Healthy Diet star
Are fats really the enemy? Learn more about which fats to avoid and why fats are an important part of your diet.

Food News -- Consider the Source star
Food is news. But are you tired of erroneous reports? Fed up with preposterous promises? Sick of slick statistics? Learn to critically evaluate news stories and product advertisements.

Food Poisoning – Salmonellosis star
Salmonella contamination makes the news all too often. But what is Salmonella? Who is at greatest risk from this food poisoning? How can we keep our families safe?

Foods You Should Never Eat star
We all want families to live a healthy life, but sometimes school, homework, soccer practice, band practice, and a multitude of other extracurricular activities take precedence. Keep pushing the veggies and fruit, but make sure these foods never make it into your home or body!

Gracious Pantry star[offsite link]
This website focusing on "clean eating" recipes. The recipes all use unrefined, natural ingredients. It has tons of free, yummy recipes that you can feel good about eating.

Grocery List star
A short list of healthy foods for you to stock up on when you go grocery shopping.

Healthy Breakfast at Airports star
Whether your traveling is for a fun adventure or for a big business meeting, there is no escaping the evil truth: airports can be a health food nightmare. Travel does not need to cost you your health, nor do you have to hunt high and low to find something nutritious in the terminal.

Healthy Comfort Food Makeovers star
Comfort good can be healthy food. Here are two recipes for good old fashioned comfort food which will warm the heart, but won’t cause it to block up with cholesterol afterwards.

Healthy Energizing Foods star
Feeling low on energy and tempted to reach for that second cup of coffee? Instead of setting yourself up for an energy crash, try reaching for a healthy snack to boost your energy!

Healthy Foods Newsletter Sign-Up star
Sign up to receive a free weekly healthy foods newsletter. You'll receive valuable tips, recipes, and information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Heartburn star
Do you suffer from mild heartburn or acid reflux? Learn how to treat it naturally with these simple tips.

How to Eat Healthy in the Friendly Skies star
Traveling is never easy, but that does not mean you need to gain five pounds or fifteen cholesterol points every time you step on an airplane or head out on vacation. As part of a series on traveling healthy, here are some healthy ideas on wonderful alternatives to the usual airport food.

How To Eat More Healthfully star
Eating more healthfully isn´t as difficult as you might imagine. Here are five easy ways to get yourself off to a good start.

How To Eat Raw in Winter star
When the weather gets cold, raw foods and the commitment to healthy eating often fall to the wayside. Here are nine tips to help keep you on the raw path all winter long.

How to get more fiber in your diet star
Fiber is extremely important to health and weight loss. A study performed by the USDA found that women who doubled their fiber intake from 12 to 24 grams per day (the recommended daily amount of women under 50) absorbed 90 fewer calories!

How to Increase Your Fiber Intake star
Need to increase your fiber intake? Here are a few suggestions on how you can do that gradually.

How to Start Eating Healthy star
If eating healthy and living a healthy life were that easy, wouldn’t you be doing it already? Even if you are a pro at healthy foods, there is always room to improve. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be eating healthy and happy in no time at all!

Infused Water star
Looking for a fresh take on water? Substitute infused water for your sodas and juices and cut down the sugars!

Joyce Chen Wok Review star
Prepare healthy stir fry in your own home in your own wok! This inexpensive piece of cookware will make the task much easier and a simple dinner at home festive and fun.

Lighten the Fat Load star
It is tempting to reduce the calories and fat in our favorite dishes by simply cutting down on fat or substituting liquid vegetable oils for solid fat. Sometimes this plan works well, sometimes it leads to culinary disasters! Read on to find out why.

Pecans star
Fall is pecan season; these delicious nuts make a healthful addition to favorite dishes from breakfast oatmeal to dinnertime desserts.

Raw Food for the Rest of Us star
Raw Food has been making a huge name for itself. But for those who do not have time to make your own almond milk or just learned what madjool dates are, even the “easy” recipes can be a bit overwhelming.

Solutions to Common Cravings star
We all have cravings. The trick to healthy eating is to find ways to satisfy those cravings so you do not feel deprived. Ignoring your cravings will only make you want them more. Yes, you read that right: Eating healthy does not mean giving up your favorite foods.

Stir Fry Cookery star
Think stir fry is just for Asian cuisine? Think again! Get out the wok and brush up on these seven steps to stir fry success for delicious, low-fat preparation of all sorts of dishes.

Sugar Substitutes star
If you have decided to go sugar-free, but you aren't sure what to use instead, here are a few ideas.

The Best Way to Wash Your Produce star
Washing your produce should be a part of your weekly grocery shopping routine. It is the best way to ensure that any bacteria that remains on the produce is removed before it is consumed.

The Grandma Diet star
Looking for a simple diet to follow that still promotes healthy eating? The Grandma Diet may be just what you are looking for.

Tips on Getting Kids to Eat Healthier star
Do you have a picky eater? Here are some tips on how to get your child to eat healthier.

Water Everyday --Healthy Beverage Choices star
Water is a basic need, but how much? When? What else to drink? This review of recent research and Beverage Guidance Panel recommendations will tell you.

What´s Your Vitamin IQ? star
This is a hard quiz, but a fun way of learning more about those essential vitamins, from A to Thiamin, that keep you healthy and strong.

Which diet works best? star
Eating healthy is hard to do because of time constraints, but here is a cookbook that will help you get a healthy dinner on the table in a hurry.

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