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Agave Tequilana Aka Weber's Blue Agave star
Did you ever wonder what the source of Mexico's iconic and highly regulated national alcoholic beverage,tequila, is? Well, some of you may be surprised to learn that the "heart" of the matter is from the cactus-looking succulent appropriately named agave tequilana aka Weber's blue agave.

Chayotes a Pear Appearing Squash star
In Mexico, chayotes are a versatile, popular and common pear-shaped squash. Native to Mexico, they are now harvested worldwide. Perhaps you may know them by other names. No matter what they are called, they are a vegetable, er, I technically mean a fruit, well worth experiencing, over and over...

Memorable Tropical Mameys star
Most of you may be familiar with such tropical fruits as mangoes, papayas, pineapples and even guavas. However, have you ever had a mamey? Primarily cultivated in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean/WestIndies and South Florida, they are one memorable fruit!

Nopal a Perennially Multi-Utilized Cactus star
Nopal cactus also known as prickly pear cactus is an iconic part of Mexico's landscape. Its image dominantly appears on the country's flag. Indigenous to Mexico and dating back approximately 12,000 years, do you realize how many functions it currently serves to all sorts of life forms?

Pomegranates a Jewel of an Exotic Super Fruit star
Pomegranates are considered to be a "super" fruit due to their nutritional and health benefits. For me, they are also super because they are seasonally colorfully and tastefully available from our Mexican courtyard and they evoke pleasant memories of my youth in not so exotic Brookline, Mass.

Primitive Looking Yet Delicious Cherimoyas star
Please do not let my description of this sub-tropical, exotic fruit as externally looking like primitive and prehistoric "fossilized pine cones" deter you from trying them. Inside you will find nutritious Cherimoyas to be custardy, sweet, somewhat pungent, fragrant and decidedly delicious.

You Say Guava I Say Guayaba star
Have you ever eaten a guava or guayaba? Here in Mexico we are very fortunate to have a guayaba tree on our property that blooms once a year. Guayabas are a versatile, nutritious, fragrant, and healthy tropical/subtropical fruit that are delicious in oh so many ways.

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