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Articles and links that share teachings and beliefs of Native Americans. Spirituality is not a religion per se. It encompasses our daily lives.

A Noble People star
A brief description of the spirituality of the dancers and dances at a PowWow.

An Introduction to the Ancestors star
An overview of the Ancestors, this article compares the various cultures of the Southwest to illustrate their similarities. This gives us a feel for how we are all related. The many lessons we can learn from the Ancestors are important to our own personal growth. Let us listen to their teachings...

Bald Eagle - Medicine of the Spirit star
Upon the North American continent the bald eagle is a living legacy linked to the idea of spiritual illumination for many Indigenous cultures. The white feathers of the bald eagle are especially treasured as they are links to Grandmother Medicine- tremendous wisdom, healing, and creation.

DreamCatchers star
DreamCatchers bring us many teachings, from Spider Woman to the Sacred Circle; all are incorporated within its Web. Let us look at the different parts that make up the DreamCatcher, to better understand the various teachings it offers to us all, and the help they can bring to our dreams.

Ghost Dance From The Messiah star
Reviewing the Ghost Dance and the hopes of the Peoples.

Grandfather's Christmas star
The Twelve Days Of Christmas in the Native American way.

Hope From Wounded Knee star
A short, fictional story of hope from the Wounded Knee tragedy.

Native American Tribes Unique star
Native American tribes cannot all be grouped into the same culture, traditions and beliefs. They differ as much as their tribal names do.

Sacred Herbs star
Plants have many uses and teachings to share with us all. Here are a few pointers to help to introduce you to the Plant Nation, as well as information on the Four Sacred Herbs.

Sacred Tobacco star
Native Americans have always used Sacred Tobacco for prayers and giving thanks. We believe that our prayers are carried to the Creator in the smoke of Sacred Tobacco. Modern society has corrupted the sacred purpose of Tobacco. Let us look at how we should be using this sacred plant.

Speak the Truth, But Only of the Good in Others star
We can come together not only as the Red Race but as the human race to share old and new philosophies and information that will strengthen our ability to heal ourselves and live in harmony with each other and our planet.

Spirits of Love - Courage, Hope, Faith star
By listening to the spirit of love we can learn to let go and rest in the presence of the Creator. By activating the spirits of courage, hope, and faith, you can blaze a trail for others to follow that will make it easier to find the path to peace.

Spiritual Intelligence – A Sacred Way of Life star
Our Ancestors believed that the spiritual realm and the natural realm coexist together and that we are a part of both worlds. Our Elders built a bridge for us to connect to the spiritual realm by teaching us to acknowledge our Creator in all that we do and to recognize all of creation as sacred.

Stone People – The Ancient Ones star
One of the main components used in building a Medicine Wheel are Stone People. If you have never worked with their energies before, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Symbolic Myths Of The Native American star
The symbolism to be found in all Native American myths.

The Medicine Wheel star
A Medicine Wheel might be described as a bunch of rocks laid in a circle on the ground. But these have been constructed for thousands of years and represent the Sacred Circle of Life and a balance we each must strive for.

Wovoka, Native American Messiah star
Wovoka was known as the Native American Messiah. Come join me in exploring his dream of salvation.

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