Mental Health
Everyone see´s life differently, and we all have our unique perspective. Here you will find some pondering´s on different perspectives and thoughts on mental health challenges.

Are Our Hormones Making Us Crazy star
Hormone imbalances may be affecting you more than you realise. I explore some thoughts around how we function with hormone imbalances and whether it is possible to really think clearly or with clarity.

Do You Feel Understood star
Sometimes conversations are taken the 'wrong' way or completely mis-understood. It is hard to know what is going on for another during any interaction and sometimes it can leave us feeling confused when we are mis-understood

Gaining Perspective Of Thoughts star
There always seems to be something vying for our attention. We cary so much around in our heads that it can make it difficult to actually deal with what is in front of you. When we are overwhelmed with our thoughts we are unavailable to what is actually happening.

How To Keep Strong Boundaries star
We are taught that we should do for others, and always try to help where we can. No wonder we can feel guilt when we don't. However, having strong boundaries allows you to decide what is acceptable to you and not put others first at your own expense.

Is Life Just A Matter Of Perspective star
Life is so different for many of us, and there is some thought that perhaps it is our attitude that affects us more than anything else. Our minds are really powerful and will fulfil long held beliefs about life and how it will be for us.

Preconceived Ideas on Mental Illness star
Does mental illness run in your family? Are you afraid of what this means for you? Will my family member, my friend ever get better? Is mental illness even real? Can I trust someone w/ a psychiatric diagnosis?

Sleep Hygiene Quiz star
Sleep hygiene is an assessment of how good your sleep is which is the foundation of good mental health. Take this short quiz and find out for yourself.

The Minefield of Defining Mental Disorders star
Diagnosing and defining mental disorders is a highly complex subject. Your suffering is what needs to be given priority always, and made known. The first step when you feel troubled by difficult or overwhelming symptoms, no matter what they are, is very simple yet very powerful.

Understanding Yourself star
Understanding ourselves and how we function can be really challenging. What with ingrained behaviours and acting from our sub-conscious conditioning it is difficult to really know who we are and what we really believe.

Video Games and ADHD star
New video games equipped with neurofeedback may help children with ADHD.

Why Are We So Reluctant To Change star
We can stay stuck in old habit patterns, and held back by our beliefs that we are not good enough or enough of anything to make a difference. However, small changes in our thoughts and habits can make big changes in our life.

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