Adults Only

Romantic Getaways
Some resorts are not for the faint of heart. These adult only resorts show everything in its natural state. If you are the jealous type, these places are not for you.

Nairobi in Africa star
Visit romantic Nairobi and come back charmed.

A Bend in the River of Life - launch in Bangalore star
My own book launch of - A Bend in the River of Life, was such an emotional evening for me.

A book on St. Patricks church,Bangalore star
Going through the history of a 175 year old church can be really cool

A getaway back home, for Mum star
Being ill is no fun in hospital. So a getaway could be great, even at home.

A glimpse of Old Pompeii, in Italy star
Buried under fine volcanic ash, Pompeii's history reads like a Greek tragedy

A hanging basket, Woking, London star
Hanging baskets are such a fun British tradition which my son and I enjoy whole heartedly. Every home shows off their creativeness in growing a variety of hanging baskets which we thoroughly enjoy.

A pedicure this weekend star
Since Covid has curtailed us getting away -- plan a pedicure instead.

A seemingly living, breathing house in Tennessee star
The house seems to live and breathe, holding us safely in it's arms

A visit to Pilerne, Bardez, Goa star
Annual visits are needed to keep the old homestead up and running in Pilerne, Goa

A weekend as external examiner star
A weekend spent reading Masters thesis as external examiner can be interesting.

A weekend of repairs of the house in Goa star
Even repairing our old family home in Goa can be fun

A weekend trip to Chennai, India star
Winning a prize is fun as a free getaway to Chennai was part of the prize

A weekend tryst with the gardener star
The garden still flourishes inspite of it all

Aarhus the city of smiles star
Aahus(said Oohhus) is a wonderful university town where a couple can get lost enjoying the history of the little city

Amorous weekend in a tree house star
The tree house in The Bird of Paradise Home stay is perfect for a couple to spend a romantic couple of days together.

An award is recognition in Bangalore, India star
An unexpected award and recognition, strengthens ones belief in one's self which has been eroded by jealous relatives

Arriving in MKU, Madurai star
Arriving in Madurai is always a pleasure

Arriving in the Knoxville Tyson Mc Ghee airport star
It's an experience in itself flying by American Airlines into Knoxville, TN

Art in the Museum of Goa star
Learn to appreciate art and the creativeness of an artist. It's never too late to enjoy art galleries while travelling across the world.

Attendance and the Indian Student star
Sadly the Indian student is only worried about attendance, rather than being in class for every class

Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks, Alaska star
A romantic trip with the Aurora Borealis as your back drop.

Avignon, in delectable France star
Picture postcard perfect Avignon, where time stands still, in the fragrant fields of lavender

Back to an India reeling under demonetization star
It has been a chaotic return to Bangalore after a wonderful holiday in Tennessee

Black Friday in Omaha, USA star
Black Friday,a new phenomenon for me to enjoy in Omaha

Book Bound goes online star
Book Bound, my book club has gone online and virtual due to COVID & it's fun.

Book clubs in Bangalore, India star
Reading & book clubs is a growing interest in Bangalore, India

Brother enjoying a month in Bangalore star
Every year at this time my brother visits from Perth

Bus it from the airport in Bangalore star
Easier to take a bus than a cab to get into town in Bangalore

Buying a Kashmiri carpet this weekend star
Kashmiri carpets are hand knotted, and we chose a dreamy windows of paradise design.

Christmas in London star
Christmas in London was wonderful with the whole family from across the globe, together.

Christmas lunch at home in Bangalore star
Since Steve had hurt his back, our Christmas celebrations were low key

Ciao Bella, breathtaking Italy star
Nowhere else in the world will you find a bigger concentration of beauty

Cinque Terre, in romantic Italy star
A string of five lovely little towns,Cinque Terre is the ultimate romantic destination

Columbia, South America’s undiscovered gem star
A country where old and new blend like milk and coffee swirled in a cup

Coming to Knoxville to see my new grandson star
Enjoying my International flights, which can be long and difficult.

Compost is black gold, Bangalore, India star
Compost your wet waste and garden greens and see your garden bloom overnight for free.

Cooking al fresco is much more fun star
Cooking al fresco on the back patio, with the birds and the flowers as company is a wonderful experience

Cooking Goan cuisine in Tennessee star
Cooking goan cuisine in Tennessee is easy with ready-made masalas

Crazy dog lovers need to be disciplined star
Dog lovers need to keep their pets within boundaries while living in a building with other families.

Defending my PhD thesis in Madurai University star
The defence of a thesis written by a scholar is important and one needs to have all one's wits about you for it.

Discover Alsace in France on a cycle star
Can anything be more romantic, than cycling through vineyards with your loved one?

Driving down to Goa, India star
It was a snap decision to drive down to Goa

Dublin and the luck of the Irish star
In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty

East is East and West is West star
Kipling's poem echoes a mindset which we should adhere to across the world

Elvis Presley, Memphis USA star
Ticked off my bucket list, Memphis is a wonderful weekend visit to make while in Tennessee.

Enjoying a hot spring in Japan star
Enjoy a sensuous hot spring together in Japan

Enjoying the sound track of La la Land star
The pretty soundtrack is so soothing as one writes.

Fall in love with Amsterdam's canals! star
Glide down the canals in Amsterdam with your loved one!

Family living together, Bangalore, India star
Living with family is not as fun as one thinks

Feeding the birds in Tennessee, USA star
One can get a lot of enjoyment feeding the birds in winter

Fixing the water meter in Pilerne, Goa, star
Fixing the water meter in Goa can be tedious

Flagler Mansion, Miami, USA star
Perfect for visitors looking for a dose of culture, Whitehall is the home of the Flagler Museum, a beautiful oasis that is worthy of a day trip.

Flight back to Bangalore star
Taking a long flight back home can be both exhausting or fun. Upto you to take your pick and hope all connections work.

Flight into London star
The flight into London for Christmas on Sri Lankan was wonderful

Flying home to Bangalore via Heathrow star
BA has been one of the best airlines to fly by, but in recent years other smaller airlines have taken over in terms of service. But this BA flight was great 'cause of the Indian airhostess who took care of me.

Flying into London star
Flying into London in the spring, is the best time of year to visit

Flying into the UK from Tennessee star
Flying into Heathrow, London, from Tennessee was comfortable with one flight just over and hour and the second, longer at seven hours.

Fogging a new fad in Bangalore star
Fogging basements and gardens in buildings can be dangerous with the unknown pesticides being used.

Forging a new life in a new country star
Wherever in the world one may decide to call home, forging a new life in a strange land can be tough but satisfying

From Capetown to Pretoria in South Africa star
Enjoy a romantic super luxury train ride,sipping chilled champagne and enjoying the scenery in South Africa.

Gardening in the US & UK star
Gardening is a wonderful stress buster which we need to cultivate to enjoy, wherever we live in the world

Getaway to Madurai for two days star
A break even during the week can be a great Getaway

Getting tooth implants fixed in Bangalore, India. star
Getting tooth implants in Bangalore, India

Going to Madurai for my PhD Viva star
Going to the Madurai MKU campus is an experience in itself.

Golden honey from Kathmandu, Nepal star
Just a spoon of the flavoursome nectar brings you the pure, natural goodness of nature.

Gorgeous blaze of flowers, Woking, UK star
The UK is a veritable explosion of colours and floral scents in June, when gardens seem to erupt with spectacular blooms.

Green and lush Kerala - in India star
Fondly advertised as God’s own country, Kerala is meant for the romantic

Growing Bougainvillea in Bangalore, India star
Bougainvillea are easy to grow. Try growing your own from clippings.

Haunted lovers caught in limbo,in Britain star
The Brits love their ghosts and so do a lot of tourists who visit the UK

he farm and the fight star
Fighting with our backs against the wall for our farm

Hedonism - Lose Your Inhibitions star[offsite link]
Leave the "what to wear" question behind at this clothing optional resort. Nude or Prude, you´re gonna love it!

Hey you! Hoya in Bangalore star
Tiny cuttings brought by my sister from Australia, have taken three years to grow and finally bloom

Holy Week services in Bangalore, India star
Holy Week as part of the Pascal Triduum is a solemn time still in the calendar of a catholic in Bangalore, India

iBrowse party in Bangalore, India star
The iBrowse Book Club is in it's 5th year and growing

It happened in Monterey star
Get a whiff of John Steinbeck country in Monterey!

It's been a labour of love in Woking star
The decision made from the start, was to buy a house with a large garden and slowly renovate it

Jogging over the weekend, Bangalore, India star
Tender Sure has done up the pavements in the CBD area in the city

Landscaping the garden, Surrey, UK star
Every generation have a different benchmark in their lives, whether it's in their work life or their garden

Lecturing to women, easier, MCC, Bangalore star
Having never had the experience of lecturing to a women only class and college, my first lecture in MCC went off like a dream.

Living through demonetization in India star
It's been a struggle to get just a basic amount of money out from the bank to use for daily life.

Look left and right as you walk in Bangalore star
A getaway could also be a walk in the city that you live in

Malmo Sweden’s Twinkling Lights star
Quaint and charming, Malmo warms your heart over the Christmas season!

Martin Luther King site Atlanta, Georgia star
It was a moving experience visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia.

Millennium Manor , Alcoa, Tennessee star
A couple driven to save themselves from the prophesied Armageddon built this weird castle which they believed could stand for 1000 years.

Mumbai, India, has changed star
The change in Mumbai to me, was for the better

My book discussion in Knoxville, Tennessee star
My book-- A Bend in the River of Life was the focus of a book reading in Knoxville Tennessee.

Netting the peach tree in Tennessee star
Peach trees give the best fruit from their 4-12th year. So we decided to net them for the kids to be able to enjoy the fruit.

New York, New York star
An awe inspiring visit to a freezing New York, over the Christmas season.

On my own in Bangalore, India star
It's very relaxing spending a month on my own in Bangalore, India

Packing to visit the boys in the UK & US star
Visiting my sons and ebjoying their little girls is the highlight of my life now

Page Turner’s @ Kafnu, Residency Road, Bangalore star
Kafnu is a top- of- the- line business space, slap bang in the heart of the CBD in Bangalore. Page Turner's is a book club that is run there for the members.

Paris in the winter can be daunting star
Paris is expensive,but makes for a great romantic weekend

Pet peeves in India star
Not everyone is happy with a dog in their face. We need to be more considerate with our own private likes and dislikes.

Picking tamarind in Bangalore, India star
This is the season when fresh tamarind pods fall off the trees & can be collected to make a wonderful sauce.

Propping up the old homestead in Goa, India star
Looking after the homestead of our ancestors is a given, not a choice

Quirky New Orleans, Louisiana star
Legendary city,home to the good ol' jazz and blues

Reading up authors work to moderate star
Reading an authors work to moderate, is like uncovering their souls through their words.

Relax in Cannes on the French Riveira star
Popular among Europe's elite, Cannes is easily a romantic destination you should never miss visiting

Romancing in Mumbai, India star
Enjoy a Bollywood romance in Mumbai.

Romantic Kashmir in India star
Kashmir beckons visitors with her unmatched charms.

Rome, Italy, the eternal city star
Rome should be on every travelers wish list.

Running 5k in Bangalore, India star
Running is an excellent exercise for our bodies even when we age, and especially when we suffer debilitating hereditary diseases.

Science of Environment Communication, Bangalore star
Teaching Science and the Environment can be fun with different age groups

Second week in Woking, London star
Bushy Park is a great place to visit while in London.

Self made -- Janet Castelino, Bangalore, India star
Doctor Janet Castelino began with starting Beauty Salons and now after completing her MD had a wonderful Derma Clinic for Hair and Skin issues

Serendipity and the Polish Concert Pianist star
Michal Krupa, a 22 year old Polish Concert Pianist, is in Bangalore for three months

Shop in the Masai Mara market, Nairobi star
Spend your shillings in the Masaai Mara market, but don't stray off the beaten path in Africa

Shopping for Christmas decorations in the USA star
To get more bang for your buck, shop in the USA for your Christmas decorations

Shopping in Glittering Dubai star
Shop for branded goods, and look for pretty good deals, in Dubai airport.

Shopping in the US is fun star
It's fun to shop in the US, especially if you get great deals on branded clothes.

Siblings together for Christmas in Bangalore star
When siblings get together from far and near for Christmas, a fun time is assured for all.

Siem Reap the gateway to Angkor Wat, Cambodia star
For a tourist, the primary attraction to Siem Reap is the the Angkor Temple Region

Six years for a PhD star
A PhD is a lot of hard work, but it gets more stressful when stretched out

Soup Kitchen Saturday, in Bangalore, India star

Strange statues of Easter Island star
Gasp at the sheer size of nearly 1,000 monolithic statues, on average 13 feet tall and weighing 14 tons on Easter Island

Susegaad rules in Goa, India star
Getting a job done in Goa and especially with a government body can be difficult and patience is the key

The Andaman & Nicobar Isles, India star
Getting rid of the local tribes smacks of colonialism. Is it really needed in the Andaman and Nicobar Isles?

The awesome Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe-Zambia star
Hold hands and stand drinking in the beauty of the phenomenal 'Smoke that Thunders'

The birds, flowers, rain in the UK star
Even when it rains, the garden is pretty in the UK

The chaos on Richmond Road, Bangalore star
Grand pavements are coming up on Richmond Road, Bangalore. But till then we suffer.

The cliffs of Mesa Verde in Colorado star
The unique cliff dwellings will send shivers of excitement through you, when you crawl through them

The cold in Knoxville, Tennessee star
The cold is not something I look forward to in Knoxville, but it's bearable unlike Omaha's minus wind chills.

The dance called marking attendance, in Bangalore star
Attendance in college, here in Bangalore, is only 75%. Inspite of that we have entitled students who try to skirt around the figure.

The farm and the fight star
Fighting with our backs against the wall for our farm

The flavour of India goes all over the world star
One can leave India but the flavours of the subcontinent remain enshrined in our hearts

The flight out to London star
Flying out to London on BA is the only way I get a free stopover

The George Pub, Reading, UK star
A traditional English pub is the best place to enjoy a conventional British meal.

The Mythic Society, Bangalore, India star
Passing the Mythic Society building a few days ago, threw up some research done on the St. Patrick's Church connection and the society. The Mysore Wodeyar was a patron and intellectuals from the time of the British have fuelled research done by this Institution.

The Samsung Opera House, Bangalore star

The silent support in our Bangalore home star
Its been 27 years since Pushpa came into our lives. The silent support we are grateful for

Three more days in Madurai star
Three more days in Madurai to tweak my thesis and romance nature

Tooth extraction - not a great weekend getaway star
A tooth extraction meant staying home bound for the weekend

Vegas Romantic Getaway star
Walk the strip in Vegas and enjoy the brashness of the place!

Visa on arrival in Bangkok, Thailand star
Never decide to take the visa on arrival option in Bangkok.

Walk to college in Bangalore, India star
Nature can make an ordinary walk, very interesting

Watching enough Netflix for a Year, Tennessee star
When I holiday with my son and his family in Tennessee, I garden and watch films to my hearts content

Weekend spent nursing an accident wound star
A freak accident can dampen anyone's happy weekend.

Welcome to Bath in the UK star
Romantic Bath is a must see for those looking for history and culture, dating back to the time of the Romans

Working from home can be a nightmare star
The internet has blurred boundaries and skilled people can work for sites anywhere in the world.How easy is it working from home though is the question.

Working towards going to Zarazoga, Spain star
Getting a visa for international travel is a lot of work and needs to be handled with care.

You learn to be self sufficient, Bangalore, India star
We are spoiled in India with our house help. But it's not really that hard when they dont come.

‘Wat’ to see in Bangkok! star
Enjoy the cultural side of Bangkok by visiting its plethora of temples!

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