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Chicken Jungle Curry (Krung Kaeng Pha Gai) star
Exotic Jungle Curry made with not so exotic chicken is a tasty easy curry. In Thailand "paddy chicken" IE frog is commonly used for this curry.

Curried Crab Claws (Bu pad phom kar)i star
This is an easy Crab Curry Stir fry with outstanding flavour!!! I use local Dungeness crab for this yummy dish.

Beef Curry in Sweet Peanut Sauce (Pha-naeng Neua) star[offsite link]
Beef Curry in a peanuty sauce, perfect wth steamed jasmine rice.

Beef Green Curry with Noodles star
This tasty beef green curry will delight the senses with its' frangrance and taste.

Beef Red Curry with Green Peppercorns star
This melange of chiles creates an exciting spicy curry flavour that is subtly different in each biteful. This creamy curry has the contrast in texture of the crunchiness of the green peppercorns, creamy coconut milk curry, and the richness of beef.

Chicken and Roasted Eggplant in Red Curry Sauce (Gkaeng Ped Gkai) star[offsite link]
Chicken pieces and Roasted Eggplant cooked in ab coconut milk Red Curry Sauce is the perfect meal with jasmine rice.

Chicken Curry Massaman Style Recipe star
Massaman Curry is a mild Thai curry and perfect with chicken and sweet potatoes, especially if someone is not sure about fiery Thai curries.

Chicken Green Curry star
Green curry is one of the most classic in Thai Cuisine and is from the Plains area of the Kingdom. Green curries are traditionally hot, but are tempered by the amount of chiles and curry paste used. I love using left over turkey instead of chicken in this recipe. (Perfect for leftover Thanksgivin

Chicken in Red Curry with Bamboo Shoots star
The combination of chicken and bamboo in a coconut milk red curry is so wonderful! This easy meal can be made in less than 20 minutes! Start the Jasmine Rice and by the time the rice is cooked you will have this easy to make curry ready for lunch or dinner.

Chicken with Red Curry (Gaeng phed kai) star
Gaeng Phed Gai means “hot chicken curry”. This is one of the most popular of all Thai dishes and perhaps the most popular curry. You can either make your own curry paste, or take a short cut and use commercial curry pastes imported from Thailand.

Country Style Curry with Pork & Long Beans ) star
This is a country style dry curry that is stir-fried. This type of curry is very common in thenorth and plains areas of Thailand.

Curried Chicken Livers with Green Beans star
Exciting Thai curry flavours encompass the healthy chicken leaves contrasted with the lovely crunch of fresh green beans.

Fiery Pork Curry star
The sweetness of coconut milk tames the heat of this quick curry, but it remains a dish for fans of fiery food. You can of course reduce the heat by using fewer chiles.

Fish Curry over Noodles (Khanom Jin Namya ) star
Khanom Jin Namya Curry is a popular lunch for many busy Thais, and it is also a traditional meal for Thai New Year’s/Songkran. This easy to make fish curry is served over somen noodles.

Gazpacho Thai'd Up star
This exciting all Thai'd up gazpacho is sure to please your family and guests alike. No better way to show off the amazing flavours of summers heirloom tomatoes than my rendition of gazpacho all Thai'd up.

Green Curry with beef (Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea) star[offsite link]
This is a very flavourful wonderful green curry.

Hunglay (Curry of North Thailand) star
A fragrant and flavourful curry of Northwest Thailand influenced by Burmese and Indian spices.

Jungle Curry star[offsite link]
This is an unusual curry that comes from the countryside. It was originally prepared with wild boar, but you can make it with pork or chicken with good results. I sometimes make it with frog legs and it is wonderful!

Massaman Chicken Curry star
Massaman Curry is a favourite with many westerners and various meats or fowl can be used, although beef is probably the most common protein used.

Namya Curry star
Namya Curry is an easy to make wonderful quick lunch recipe.

Penang Curry with Chicken star
Penang is a fragrant and flavourful dry style curry eaten with Thai Jasmine rice.

Pork in Red Curry star
This fragrant red curry is the perfect background for pork. Pork Red Curry has long been a family favourite. Red curry is the easiest of all curries to make whether just using a prepared red curry paste or one you lovingly pound in your mortar with pestle.

Pork Green Curry (Gaeng Khiew Wan Mu) star
This popular curry recipe is one of the hotter curries of Thailand.

Pork Green Curry with Kabocha star
Pork Green Curry with Kabocha on Thai Noodles (Kaeng Kiao Wan Mu) is a wonderful and easy to make recipe. The combination of green curry with pork and kabocha (pumpkin) is the perfect marriage of flavours.

Pork Jungle Curry star
Exotic sounding Jungle Curry is a very popular dish in the Northern regions of Thailand where frog, wild boar, squirrels, and snakes are plentiful amongst the rice paddies and jungles. A more approachable version is made with pork or chicken.

Pumpkin Chicken Yellow Curry star
Wonderful yellow curry is the perfect dinner for cold nights - comfort meal for sure. Popular with children as well as adults.

Pumpkin & Pork Curry (Fak Thong Muu Krung Kaeng Phed) star
This is one of my favourite Thai curries as the creaminess of pumpkin and rich spiceness of curry is such comfort food, perfect for a Fall or Winter dinner.

Red Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots star
Wonderful flavours of chicken, bamboo, red curry create a very appealing Thai taste treat.

Red curried Duck star
One of my favourite Thai Curries that is perfect for family and friends. The exotic Thai Flavoursl meld with fresh pineapple and duck. I have used French style Canard Confit with rave reviews!

Red Curry Fish Cooked in Banana Leaves star
Summer time is the perfect time to take advantage of Thai-style grilling and fish is always a favourite of Thais. Wild caught fish is preferred for this dish for big flavours!

Red Pork Curry(Gaeng Ped Moo) star[offsite link]
RED PORK CURRY (GAENG PED MOO) a wonderful satisfying red curry!

Roast Duck and Pumpkin Curry (Gkaeng Ped Bped) star[offsite link]
Wonderful duck curry with pumpkin cubes

Seafood Green Curry with Vegetables star
Aamazing green curry with a mixture of seafood is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!

Seafood Talay Curry star
Talay Curry is a mixed seafood curry that is full of flavour and yet is ready in just a few minutes. Served with steamed jasmine rice as an entree or side dish for a complete Thai meal.

Shrimp Curry (Phrik Goong Karee) star
The sweetness of coconut milk tames the heat of this quick curry, but it remains a dish for fans of fiery food. You can of course reduce the heat by using fewer chiles.

Shrimp with Pineapple Curry star
This Shrimp with Pineapple Curry has a rich creamy texture, and the red coloration gives a dramatic and lovely contrast to the yellow pineapple and pink shrimp.

Sour Orange Curry of Trout and Vegetables star
This is a lovely recipe from many years ago from the Central plains area of Thailand. It is a "soupy" type curry and is served with jasmine rice.

Sour Orange Curry of White Snapper and Vegetables star
Sour Orange Fish Curry is a very old and traditional Southern Thai dish.

Swimming Rama star
An often requested easy Thai chicken curry dish-ready in 30 minutes.

Thai Green Curry Pork star[offsite link]
This is a very quick and easy curry made with prepared green curry paste.

Thai Prawn And Pineapple Curry, (Kaeng Khua Saparot) star[offsite link]
Coconut milk red curry with pineapple and prawns make a perfect one dish meal served with jasmine steamed rice.

Thai Red Curry with Duck & Pineapple star
This Thai Red Curry with Duck and Pineapple is a delight and so easy to make. You can even buy an already roasted duck in a Chinese market. I prefer using Extra Dry Duck which is usually flattened and much more duck fat has been rendered off and it is very crisp.

Thai Sour Curry with Vegetables and Shrimp star
Keang Som (orange sour), a mild curry is the perfect introduction to Thai curries. It is quick and easy to make with only a few minutes preparation time needed including making the curry paste.

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