Women's Issues
Wondering how women´s health is a political and newsworthy issue? This section will assist you in finding out!

Amnesty International star[offsite link]
Check out Amnesty International´s site for news pertaining to women´s health globally.

Another Dead Baby and His Father star
Otty Sanchez, a diagnosed schizophrenic diagnosed with post partum psychosis after her child's birth recently killed and ate her baby. What culpability for the death lies with the infant's father?

Celebrate Life this Thanksgiving star
Happy Thanksgiving! This year challenge yourself to make those words matter. Celebrate your extraordinary, ordinary life.

Choosing a Not So Big Life star
Susanka offers advice for living with purpose, rather than possessions, as your motivation.

Correct Your Life Course star
If you feel like your life is off course the best way to get back on track is to pull over and consult your life map.

Create Clutter Free Spaces star
Clearing clutter doesn’t have to be a lifelong battle. With a little investment of time and a willingness to do some soul-searching you may just come up with a plan that – finally – lets you live clutter free.

How to Make Room for Priorities star
Two of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People can help you reorder priorities and do more of the things that matter most.

International Women´s Health Coalition star[offsite link]
"Promoting and protecting the health and rights of women and girls worldwide." Fantastic site!

Living Intentionally star
We all know that death is inevitable. We hope the day is far away. But what if it isn’t?

Manage Your Health for Longer Life star
Aiming for good health is an important way of using the control you have to extend the length and quality of your life.

National Breast Cancer Coalition star[offsite link]
The National Breast Cancer Coalition is a group of advocates who lobby for various policy initiatives related to breast cancer research.

Reduce BMI to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk star
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is a strong association between obesity and breast cancer. One way to reduce your risk of breast cancer is to maintain a BMI of 24.9 or lower.

Sex and the City Syndrome star
What lies behind the ridiculous "syndromes" and "disorders" with which women are deemed afflicted and which are perpetuated in the media? Enough is enough! Cheers!

The Nick and Prick of Female Minors star
The American Academy of Pediatrics released its Policy Statement on the Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors. The backlash was overwhelming. What do you think about the practice of Female Genital Cutting and what exactly is "mutilation?"

The Pitfalls of Choosing Chastity star
The choice to be chaste can be dangerous if it keeps you from carrying condoms.

The Presidential Appointment of Kelley Alexia star
The appointment of Alexia Kelley to the DHHS Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives has ignited yet another firestorm in the area of reproductive rights. Why the firestorm? This pro-choice American maintains there is a place for pro-life officials in government.

Using Alcohol to Self-Medicate star
The CDC reports that binge drinking is a problem for as many as 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 8 women. Sometimes women binge drink as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, this kind of self-medication can lead to longer term health problems.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence star
Kasandra Perkins was shot and killed by her boyfriend and 3 month-old daughter's father. Javon Belcher, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs also took his own life. Although this is a high profile case, the sad truth is that domestic violence impacts women next door and around the world.

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