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A story- a hearing aid and a Cochlear Implant star
Chris told me his story about being bi-modal. His experience is worth reading.

American Hearing Research Foundation star[offsite link]
This site lists research information, types of hearing loss, various treatments available, and types of hearing aids available.

Assistive Listening Devices star[offsite link]
This site offers important information on other forms of assistive hearing devices, besides just the typical styles.

Designs & Types of Hearing Aids star[offsite link]
A site filled with styles of hearing aids, comparative prices, designs, and funtionality abilities.

Digital Hearing Aid review star[offsite link]
A brief description of digital aids and the brands.

Disposable hearing aids star
Hearing aids have come a long way from the analogue aids I wore. My aids were relatively bulky and either sat behind my ear or filled my ear canal leaving me with a hot stuffed feeling. But the latest hearing aids are digital and are far more powerful and adaptable than old analogue aids.

Expectations of Hearing Aids star[offsite link]
An informative article explaining what most people can expect to get from a hearing aid.

Features of Modern Hearing Aids star
When I wore hearing aids all they did for me was make the sound louder. This helped a little in some circumstances. These days with better technologies the outcomes of wearing a hearing aid are much better.

Hearing Aid Changes star
In the last 10 years, especially with advent of digital technology, hearing aids have changed dramatically.

Hearing Aid Glasses star
Hearing aid glasses are glasses which have the hearing aid built into one (or both) of the arms of the glasses.

Hearing Aids for Children star[offsite link]
This site gives some information about fitting children with hearing aids.

Hearing aids improving star
When I had hearing aids all they could do was amplify all sound. But technology has improved and hearing aids are just so much better.

Hearing aids on the increase star
More and more people are requiring and have access to hearing aids. What are the reasons behind this increase?

Hearing help solutions star
If you have a hearing loss there are many kinds of solutions. The best solution for you will depend on how bad and what kind of loss you have. This article looks at hearing aids, implantable solutions and assistive listening devices.

Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids star
Shona, my guest author, is a long time hearing aid wearer and a lip reading instructor. She shares some of her insights into getting hearing aids.

Hearing Planet star[offsite link]
This site sells digital hearing aids, with an outstanding detailed list of the warranties, ability of noise reduction, number of channels, and manufacturer. This is the place to start, if in search of a new hearing aid.

Hearing through a Hearing Loop star
Using a tswitch and a hearing loop means hard of hearing person can get clearer sound than they would if they just used their hearing aid or processor and listened to the sound sent through a loud speaker system.

History of Hearing Aids star
We know that there have been deaf people throughout history. In fact, because communication was so difficult these people were denied some of the basic human rights. What kinds of aids were available before technology gave us the aids we know today?

How should we listen? star
Hearing devices can be tailored to our individual needs but to take advantage of this we must be engaged with how we hear, what we hear and what we need changed or tweaked to allow us to get the most benefit from these.

How to choose a hearing aid star
The hearing aid market is very confusing. There are many brands, many styles and lots of different functions. Then “will it work”, “will it fit”, “will I choose the right one”? This becomes even more difficult if you are choosing for a child. So how do you go about it?

Losing hearing aids star
What do you do if you lose your hearing aid? Panic? Well I suppose that is the first response of many people. Hearing aids, regardless of type often get lost, misplaced or damaged and since they can be very expensive, losing one is likely to cause plenty of stress.

Maintenance and care of hearing aids star
Hearing aids are expensive. To make sure you get the best out of them and have them last as long as possible Shona Fennell shares her tips

Myths about hearing aids star
There seems to be so much mis-information about hearing loss and hearing aids so I thought I’d look at some of the myths and see which ones can be debunked and which ones have an element of truth.

Research the facts star[offsite link]
Carmel Dyer from the the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders briefly tells the steps to selecting the best hearing aid for you.

Sell me a hearing aid star
When we find we can’t hear quite as well as we used to, most of us head off to an Audiologist. We think of an audiologist as a professional who will examine our hearing loss and work out the absolute best solution to give us back our hearing. But is that always so?

Sound Advice on Hearing Aids star[offsite link]
This page gives advice on where to get hearing aids and how to obtain them.

The best place for hearing aid - in the ears star[offsite link]
An intersting article especially geared to first time users of hearing aids.

The Hearing and Speech Center star[offsite link]
This is another site that I recommend you try first, when beginning to look for a new hearing aid. They provide many tidbits of valuable information, with pricing for both new and used models, as well as assuring the customers that they will help with individual needs and budget allowances.

The innovations of hearing loss technologies star
The first ‘hearing aids’ if you could call them that, were hearing trumpets. They were large and cumbersome - like the trumpet on early gramophones. We've come a long way since then :-)

The stigma of hearing aids star
I have been examining the issue of why there is a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids. If you wear glasses there is no stigma. You put them on and say “Wow now I can see!” but hearing aids can’t be that effective and in many cases you still hear poorly even with the aid.

To hearing aid or not? star
Being fitted for a hearing aid is confusing. How can you avoid some of it?

Types of Hearing Aids star[offsite link]
This site is rich in information for many types of assisted hearing devices. They provide pictures, as well as details of each device, which are easy to understand.

Using a hearing aid star
You just buy a hearing aid and stick it in your ear and you can hear properly again – that’s right isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple, but it’s not.

World Hearing star[offsite link]
This site lists various sales outlets, which sell many different types of hearing aids. It is also compares prices for you, so that you don´t have to compare on your own. It´s a great site!

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