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A-Z to Deafblindness star[offsite link]
This site specializes in information for, and about, those who are Deaf and blind.

An Online Store for the Deaf star[offsite link]
You will find many items of interest at this online store. They have various items for sale that exhibit Deaf pride.

Assisted Living Devices for the Deaf and Blind star[offsite link]
This site outlines the services provided for those that are either Deaf or Blind, and living in Hawai´i.

Better Speech and Hearing month 2013 star
May is Better Speech and Hearing month.

Can the deaf drive? star
When the issue of deaf people driving is discussed I don’t think it is about discrimination but about safety. Is a deaf driver as safe a driver as a hearing driver? Does the lack of hearing impact on safety?

Captioned Radio star
It's been talked about for years...but it still seems a long way off. This article looks at some of the issues with digital radio providing captions.

Captioned Telephones star
For those of us who go deaf using a phone is just about impossible. Technology has bridged the gap but live conversations still pose a challenge. This article details my first impressions of a captioned telephone and service.

Captioning/subtitles for the deaf star
Closed captions, or subtitles, can enhance the experience whether you are watching television, you are at the movies, at the theatre, in an aircraft or airport, hospital, shopping mall or on the internet. There are even noisy environments where captioning can benefit people with full hearing.

Captiview Movie experience star
Recently I went to the movies to trial the latest close captioning system available in our area.

CODA International star[offsite link]
This is an organization of CODA´s (children of Deaf adults).

Deaf Queer Resource Center star[offsite link]
A site for and about Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex and Questioning communities

Deafness and Entertainment star
Hearing is such a vital part of our culture and if you can’t hear you miss out on so much. Almost all entertainment requires hearing.

Deafness: Hard of Hearing star[offsite link]
Here is a huge resource of links and articles about deafness.

Disability equipment star
It seems clear to me that the Disability program is aimed at the older generation, those who are less comfortable with mobile phones. In many instances, if you qualify, these devices are free and well worth the trouble of researching to find the best solution for you.

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention star[offsite link]
Here is a collection of links related to early hearing intervention and detection and organisations which help in this area.

Finding Hearing Loss Support star
Most adults who go deaf feel incredibly alone They have no idea there is even a deaf community, or that there are hearing loss support groups and organisations. In fact, I would venture to say that most people don’t even know to ask the question…where do I get help and support?

Hawai´i Resources for the Deaf star[offsite link]
Valuable resources, for those living in Hawai´i, are listed on this website.

Hearing assistance star
There are many places you can go for assistance and many things you can do to help you hear better. These will let you know you are not alone and help you enjoy life more.

Hearing or assistance Dogs star
Like Guide dogs Hearing dogs have been specially trained to be the ‘ears’ for a deaf person.

Hearing Television star
Television is without doubt, one of our primary leisure activities. But to do this it assumes we have access to the audio content and for those of us who are deaf, hard of hearing or need hearing aids or cochlear implants this can sometimes be challenging.

Interpreters star
A place to find information about intrepreters

Not deaf but need help hearing star
Technology is changing all of the time so if you need help hearing, keep up to date with changing technology.

Open Caption Cinemas star
As we start to go deaf many activities we once took for granted become a thing of the past. Going to the movies is one of these because it becomes harder and harder to understand the sound track. But what do you once you can no longer understand speech?

Radio Alerts for the Deaf star[offsite link]
This site explains the new radio alerts available to the those with any level of deafness, during a natural disaster.

Recognising hearing loss star
Remember just because a person looks 'normal' doesn't mean they can hear. By understanding the behaviours of those with a loss you can help them communicate better.

Resources in California star[offsite link]
This is a website for those living in California. They offer listings to many available resources.

Rich in Resources star[offsite link]
This website has resources for everything imagineable for the Deaf.

Staying in touch star
We should not allow deafness to get in the way of doing and experiencing the most important things in our life. But sometimes it seems almost impossible to stay in touch.

Suggestions for Hearing Better star
There are many situations where we need different kinds of hearing and therefore different solutions. I thought I’d look at some of these.

TAG - equality of access for deaf -UK star[offsite link]
This site provides information for the deaf and hearing impaired about resources and so on.

Technology – love it or hate it? star
We keep hearing that technology has never been better for those who are deaf. We can keep in touch with all these magic mobile devices we now have at our finger tips. But are they always good?

What are Assistive listening devices? star
Isn't an assistive listening device just a hearing aid? Read the article to find out what they are, how they help you hear and where they can be purchased.

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