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Australian International Beer Awards star[offsite link]
Showcases premium beer and brewing excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region

Beer & Pub Magazine - Tokyo Style star
Hiroyuki Fujiwara has created a high quality beer magazine with an international flair.

Beer in the Philippines star
Balut would be a new experience for most of us who live in America, but how many of us would dare to try it if we lived in the Philippines?

Biere de Garde - The Best Kept Secret of French Flanders star
A reflection of the joie de vivre attitude of the French, Biere de Garde is one of the best-kept secrets of Nord Pas-de-Calais!

Bohemian Beer of the Czech Republic star
How much do you know about beer in the Czech Republic, with its rich Bohemian traditions? The Czech people are proud of their long heritage and traditional beer...

BrewDog and the Fight for Supremacy star
They were going ballistic, perhaps not in the wee hours of launch; but it took only three years to initiate a war for supremacy in the world of high alcohol beers.

Brewers Association World Beer Cup star[offsite link]
The World Beer Cup is dedicated to recognizing both the traditions and innovations shared by the entire brewing industry as well as those customs unique to specific countries and regions.

Chilean Beer & Copa Cervezas de America star
Copa Cervezas de America, Chile’s first national craft beer competition is set for September 2011, and will showcase the diversity of all craft beer produced or sold in South America.

Duvel Green at Monk's Cafe star
In 2008, the duvel arrives in America, dressed in green. Tom Peters graciously opened the back bar of Monk’s Café in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for a special preview tasting of Duvel Green.

Extract Champions Beer with Shelton Brothers star
When he said his name was Ron Extract, I laughed. How far will an importer of premium craft beer stretch a joke? All the way to Belchertown, Massachusetts?

First International Copa Cervezas de America 2011 star
Chile's commercial brewing scene has entered maturation and its brewers are ready for prime time.

Fuller Smith & Turner - London Style star
On the North side of the River Thames, a slate footpath, dotted with hitching posts on the far end, leads the curious pub-seeker through a lapse in time, into a narrow alleyway of classic brownstone and stucco.

Great Beers of the British Isles star
In today’s British Isles, beer has shifted into a major dance since the early 1970s. Back then, beer had begun to take on the lightly-washed, fizzy character of mass production.

Great British Beer Festival star[offsite link]
Highlights International Beers and Festival Bar for the GBBF.

Guinness Storehouse Expands Guinness Experience star
Through the darkness of the Dublin cityscape, the Gravity Bar, hovering above the roof at Guinness Storehouse, emits radiant white light into the sky, reminiscent of the seductive, creamy head on a pint of world-renowned Guinness Draught.

Le Chevalerie du Fourquet des Brasseurs star
They have been protectors of the masses for hundreds of years, guardians of sustenance, promoters of the common good.

Mata Beer - Kiwi Style in New Zealand star
After only four months of production, Mata Artesian Beer snatched a Bronze Medal in the Pale Ale - German Style Kolsch Division at the New Zealand International Beer Awards in Nelson.

Nippon Craft Beer Festival & Toshi Ishii Honor Michael Jackson star
The Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2007 was held in Tokyo on September 30, 2007 – the day of the worldwide Toast to Michael Jackson, who passed from our beer world one month earlier.

Polish Beer & Eastern European Cuisine star
Upon entering this lovely Polish restaurant, the subtle flavor of Eastern European hospitality brought back fond memories of traditions that were a part of my own childhood. Was it the nondescript aromas of delicately merged cuisine in the background...?

Real Ale in Japan - Yona Yona Beer star
During his tenure at Stone Brewing from 1998 to 2001, this talented brewer was cultivating preferences for saccharomyces cerevisiae, cask conditioned real ale, and the art of creating new styles of beer that had long been non-existent in the Japanese world of pale lagers and saki.

Slaapmutske Nightcap from Belgium star
What makes a Night Cap so seductive? Is it the torrid anticipation of Bohemian passion that accompanies the relaxation of inhibition?

Sweet Seduction - English Brown Ale , Mild Ale & ESB star
England´s rich history overflows with tales of invading armies, controlling royalty, religious rites, and hospitable alewives, while creating a tradition of fine brews known as English Brown Ales, Bitters and Mild Ales.

Toshi Ishii at JDW International Real Ale Festival star
Airport security was unusually tight. Under watchful eyes, laptop owners removed battery compartments and disconnected PCMCIA cards, while the contents in their backpacks were carefully scrutinized. Tourists endured frisking at random, and the air was abuzz with confusion.

Trappist Beer - The Select Seven star
It is no wonder that a mysterious aura surrounds the world of Trappist Beer. Brewed in small quantities, but with the same dedication to perfection that had become their trademark, this beer became known throughout the world as the champagne of Belgium

Wicked Women - Classic Beer Series from Brewsters Brewing star
Few women have been recorded as figures who have changed the course of history and often, when recognized, they are immortalized as "wicked pleasure seekers." Perhaps they were all women of brilliance, confident enough with their own self-presence to create a lasting impression…

Wikipedia - Encyclopedia star[offsite link]
Interested in beer with that International flavour? Countries are listed - then scroll down a bit for a "List of Commercial Brands of Beer." Incredible!

World Beer Cup - American Brewers Reach World Class Status star
Not only have American brewers mastered the styles of their European heritage; they have also introduced a degree of innovation and extremism that places them on the cutting edge of brewing history.

World Beer Cup Showcases Olympian Level Brewers star
The Brewers Association World Beer Cup 2006, the largest international professional beer competition in the world, opens its arms to the global community from April 10-14, 2006 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Zhu Jiang Beer star[offsite link]
Discover the international flavors of Chinese Beer in Canada. Enjoy the fireworks!

Zhujiang Gold Enraptures Canadians star
The sky fills with light that slowly dissipates, dissolving into an image of the Chinese Dragon, potent symbol of auspicious power. Such is international flair! Such is Zhujiang Gold!

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