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Mondial de la Bière 2009 Photo Gallery star
The Mondial de la Bière 2009 Photo Gallery has been created to give you a birds-eye-view of the action and adventure boiling about at Windsor Station in downtown Montreal during the June 2009 festival.

1st Annual Oktoberfest on the Hudson at Beczak star
Cliff Schneider, Executive Director of the Beczak Environmental Education Center, donned his white apron, alongside other volunteers, flipping links for the First Annual Oktoberfest on the Hudson.

2010 Craft Brewers Conference & World Beer Cup star
We are fortunate to see the gleam in the glass, to feel the golden elixir slosh across our lips, and to laugh with the pleasurable effects for hours afterward. But within that pleasure lays a complexity that few understand.

2010 Craft Brewers Conference Famous Names & Faces star
The Brewers Association (BA) sounds-off as the most passionate voice for craft brewers in the United States - defining craft brewers as small, independent and traditional. View the CBC gallery for a look at some of the famous beer-industry faces that dotted the sea of brewers.

2010 Philly Beer Geek Semi-Finals star
Excitement filled the air as ten determined competitors – five men and five women – prepared to battle it out for the coveted brass ring

2010 WBC - Large Categories & Surprising Stats star
For a brewer, a World Beer Cup gold award allows them to say that their winning beer represents the best of that beer style in the world.

2010 World Beer Cup Winners & Stats star
Judges may taste as many as 50 beer samples in a day. Their assessment of each beer follows the Style Guidelines developed by the Brewers Association for description and specifications, while selecting beers with qualities that propel them into the category of true World-Class prominence.

2011 Copa Cervezas de América Medal Winners star
Latin America’s First International Copa Cervezas de América, or Beer Cup of America, was held in Chile from September 5th through 10th, 2011, providing an atmosphere of learning and collaboration among brewers, while working together to promote the beer industry in South America.

2011 Philly Beer Geek Bar-B-Q Photo Gallery star
Natalie DeChico wanted to wear a hop crown to the Philly Beer Geek competition, but the vines weren’t quite ready in early June, 2011.

2011 Philly Beer Geek Finals Highlights star
From the beginning, Natalie DeChico presented herself as a winner. This petite young woman had been preparing herself to be the next Philly Beer Geek for months ...

2013 National Homebrewers Conference star
Like you, I have attended lots of beer events over the years. I have even gone to the Netherlands for whiskey, but strangely enough, I had never been to the AHA National Homebrewers Conference … until now.

2013 Philly Beer Geek Semi-Finals Hits High Mark star
The 2013 Philly Beer Geek Championship promises to strengthen the position that Philadelphia has taken as the U.S. leader in beer sophistication.

2014 Great American Beer Festival Stats star
In its thirty-third year, the Great American Beer Festival opens a window into the nation’s ever-growing craft beer community, providing experiences in food and drink that expand the overall quality of life for those who experience it each year.

Alpha King Challenge 2008 - Beer for Hopheads star
Brewers from across the country will attempt to knock Pliny the Elder from the top spot as hoppiest beer, while retaining the characteristics of balance and the overall quality of easy drinkability.

American Craft Beer Week star[offsite link]
Each May, celebrate the flavor and diversity of American Craft Beer. Explore the joys of beer from American Wheat to assertive India Pale Ale.

Andy Musser - Anchor Brewing Beer Ambassador star
One of the great joys of being a Beer Journalist is meeting people you never dreamed would cross your path.

Arizona Beer Festival News and Information star[offsite link]

Atlantic City Beer Festival 2010 Celebrates Suds star
As President of Unsuited Entertainment and founder of the Celebration of the Suds, Jon Henderson splashed into town with the 5th Atlantic City Beer Festival 2010, held at the Atlantic City Convention Center...

Atlantic City Rocks with Beer & Music star
Matt Deibert of Smithville, New Jersey doesn’t look like a twenty-year career firefighter who has doused Atlantic City hot spots all his adult life; nor does he have the haggard look of many fathers with six children.

Beer & Barley Wine in the Alaskan Winter star
As the cold winds blow in with the jet stream, the Sleeping Lady lies in wait for her lover Nekatla to return from the North.

Beer Ambassador Phil Farrell and His Loyal Mascot star
Across the dunes and the sizzling landscape, a visitor could be seen in the distance, blurred by a rising tsunami of sand that charged forward like a team of brazen horses.

Beer Events Before & After the GABF 2010 in Denver star
Whether you have tickets for one Great American Beer Festival session this year or for several, stay alert to the happenings that wrap themselves around the main event.

Beer Festival Calendar star[offsite link]
Paul Ruschmann maintains a comprehensive roundup of beer festivals around the world, with links to official festival sites and reviews by popular beer writers

Beer Hunter Michael Jackson's Philadelphia star
He danced around the words, asking me about the 1st Annual Philly Beer Geek Finals Competition being held on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. What was a Philly Beer Geek? - Beer Events & Festivals star[offsite link]
Up-to-date interactive calendar of beer events and competitions.

Beerapalooza & Brewer's Mardi Gras star
As New Orleans gears up for their celebration in the Mississippi delta, the West coast San Francisco Bay area echoes the festivities with Beerapalooza, a week-long Celebration of Beer from February 11th through the 19th.

Belgrade Beer Festival - Bear Facts star
Established in 2003, the Belgrade Beer Festival has quickly won the hearts of beer lovers throughout Eastern Europe and is the second most visited festival in Serbia. Even with such praise, events occur that are beyond rational comprehension.

Best Beer Bars & Brewpubs in Philadelphia star
Where can you find great Philadelphia beer? Here’s a user friendly Philly Beer Week starter list of the Best Beer Bars & Brewpubs in the city itself.

Biblical Brew-Off Ferments Interfaith Love star
It’s a question as old as the ages, flaming out of the brew kettle … a question that Rabbi Eli Freedman has studied in the Torah and in the Talmud, boiling in the vessel for more than 2,000 years.

Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines at 8150 Feet star
As an event that any true beer connoisseur proudly displays on his bucket list, the fest at Vail Cascade Resort & Spa is a marvel of over 200 specialty beers in miniature glass snifters amidst white linen tablecloths.

Brewers' Plate 2008 - Philadelphia star
As I approached the Independence Visitor Center at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia, the clarity of the air added a crisp edge that announced this 4th Annual Brewers’ Plate as an exhilarating food and beer event – a marvel in motion.

CAMRA - Real Cask Ale & The Great British Beer Festival star
Much to their surprise, as word got out, CAMRA's membership leaped to 6,000 in the blink of an eye, and the little group in St. Albans realized they had struck a sensitive chord in the hearts of the public.

Celebrator Beer News 20th Anniversary Mardi Gras star
What started out in 1988 as the California Celebrator founded by Bret and Julie Nickels, has flown through a thrill ride of 20 years to become the benchmark of beer industry news.

Celebrator Beer News Upcoming Events Page star[offsite link]
Current events focused mostly on California, but with a few from other parts of the country featured.

Commemorative Beer & The 25th Great American Beer Festival 2006 star
They were just a bunch of young guys, fervently passionate about beer. Twenty-five festivals later, Boulder Beer has created GABF 25th Year Beer, a special, commemorative beer celebrating the success of craft brewing in America.

Craft Beer and AirVenture Museum Merge at Hops & Props star
The Experimental Aircraft Association, known as the EAA among aviation enthusiasts, and the American craft brewer make marvelous dancing partners.

Craft Brewers Celebrate Blues & Brews star
Showcasing the "Battle of the Brewery Bands" on Tuesday, April 11th, 2006, West meets East and "in-between" in a slam-bang diversion that highlights music as diverse as signature beer styles.

Craft Brewers Conference 2010 Gallery of Beer Pros star
The Opening Session of the 27th Craft Brewers Conference 2010, held on Thursday, April 8th featured a treasure trove of leaders in the professional brewing community. Look below for the most recognized faces in the beer industry.

Deschutes Splashes Down in Philadelphia star
Deschutes Brewing Company of Bend and Portland, Oregon splashed-down in the Philadelphia beer market with Deschutes Base Camp Week in early November, 2013.

Fishtown Beer Runners Celebrate 1st Anniversary star
It was November 2007, and Eric Fiedler had just read a story about a professor at Granada University in Spain. He was intrigued.

Floodwaters Destroy Semi-Finals Competition Plans star
The 2014 Philly Beer Geek Semi-Finals Competition is taking a detour, due to Mother Nature’s foul humor.

GABF 2008 Beer and Food Pavilion Photo Gallery star
Photos from the Beer and Food Pavilion will pique your appetite to explore the adventure and creativity that is possible when exquisite food is merged with fine beer.

GABF 2008 Photo Gallery - Winners' Circle star
The Great American Beer Festival 2008 Photo Gallery – Winners Circle showcases some of the extraordinary accomplishments that emerge within the very dedicated community of professional brewing.

GABF 2010 - The Alive Thirty-Five star
As I was paging through my little black journal, I came across a list of impressions I had noted at some point during that week - probably on the day I judged 55 beers.

GABF ProAm Competition 2006 - Beer Nirvana star
This year, at the 25th Great American Beer Festival 2006, a coupling of forces catapulted both commercial brewer and AHA brewer to the heights of beer Nirvana.

Gold Medals & Glory - The Great American Beer Festival star
The GABF is now one of the most prestigious events in the world, the Guinness World Record Holder of beer events.

Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival star[offsite link]
2008 Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival - January 18th & 19th, 2008 - William A. Egan Civic & Convention Center, Anchorage, Alaska, USA - Special guests Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Tom Dalldorf of Celebrator Beer News.

Great Alaska Beer Series - Beer In Alaska star
Nearly every American from the lower forty-eight has entertained the fantasy of visiting the great land mass to the north, Alaska, at some time during his life.

Great American Beer Festival 2008 Photo Gallery star
The Great American Beer Festival 2008 Picture Gallery has been created to give you a photo-journalist´s look at the adventure and creativity of this year’s 2008 festival.

Great American Beer Festival Celebrates US Beer star
Beer enthusiasts consider the Great American Beer Festival their Journey to Mecca. This opportunity to sample beers from across the country opens their palates to the best of the American landscape of beer.

Great American Beer Festival Expands for 2009 star
Much like the annual migration of the Monarch butterflies, beer enthusiasts across the United States set out in late September on their journey to the Great American Beer Festival, held at the Colorado Convention Center in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.

Hoparazzi Videographer Wins 2013 Philly Beer Geek star
For most videographers who live behind the lens, competing in front of an audience and camera can be a bit unnerving. Not so for Mike Lawrence, who dramatically seized the stage in his self-styled rendition of Night of the Liquid Bread...

Hophound Productions – Experts in Cuisine & Beer star
We were all fascinated with the idea that we, too, could entertain with the same flair that Martha Stewart promoted. And we did.

International Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender of the Year Award 2006 star
During the weekend of October 28-29, 2006, three highly respected Judges would make their final selection for the International Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender of the Year Award 2006.

Interview – Secrets Revealed - Steve Hawk 2010 star
Steve Hawk, Philly Beer Geek 2010, answers questions about his personal connections to beer; then, reveals secret plans for his future.

Jeff Bagby - Lucky Pants at the 2010 GABF star
Jeff Bagby’s tattersall check pants just kept flashing before my eyes – five times, six times, seven times … I knew something special was afoot.

Jess Streeter Faces a Daunting Competition star
As the Beer Fox and co- founder of the Philly Beer Geek Championship, I have the annual task of interviewing the stars of the Philly Beer Scene. In this interview, Jess Streeter, Philly Beer Geek 2014, reveals her innermost thoughts about the competition process.

Joe Sixpack's Best of the Brews Awards star
Don Russell, more widely known as author, reporter, and radio personality Joe Sixpack, took the stage on Opening Tap night at the Comcast Center to announce the Best of the Brews Awards, Philly style. In a city known for its cynical perspective, these brewers awards were in-line with the city’s sens

Last Call for Bruce Nichols - A Memorial star
The sense of awe they would instill in future generations would escape them. But to those who lost a friend and colleague, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Locust Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was an appropriate setting to memorialize a man who appreciated beauty.

London Grill of Philadelphia Celebrates 20 Years star
London Grill has stood the test of time. Consistently nourished by the warmth of Terry McNally’s gregarious personality and the culinary skills of Chef Michael McNally, the grill has just celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Looking Back on Philly Beer Week 2010 star
In 2010, Philly Beer Week left its time-honored, two-year-old tradition as a March madness event and forged a new frontier with a much more temperate time-slot in early June. It was a good move.

Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant Headlines Hopfest star
It was Saturday, April 24th, and the streets of downtown Manayunk were abuzz with sidewalk café-ers, window shoppers, and those seeking out local food and drink.

Mardi Gras Beer Cocktails for Fat Tuesday star
Today is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Fasnacht Day, Carnival. Nothing quite rouses my celebratory mood like the music, masquerade and rich libations associated with this festive Bacchanalian Fete.

Mass Migration to the Great American Beer Festival star
Mixed among these migrations, there's the Great American Beer Festival, the one governed by "Cascadian rhythms," the irrational drive that compels craft beer lovers to journey to Denver, Colorado, in search of liquid bread, sometimes very hoppy liquid bread.

MBeer Contest - Concours MBière 2009 in Montreal star
Designed by Mario D’Eer, the MBeer Contest/Concours MBière at the Mondial de la Bière in Montreal, Quebec distinguishes itself as the crème de la crème of sensory beer competitions across the globe.

Mike Lawrence Aces the Competition - Interview star
How does one win this tournament that focuses on beer knowledge and passion? What are the feelings these geeks have, and is it really fun … or is it nerve-wracking?

Mondial de la Biere 2009 - Taste of Japan star
Mondial de la Bière 2009 officially opens at noon on Wednesday, 3 June 2009 in downtown Montreal, Quebec. For 2009, Japan brings its gastronomic individuality to this international festival.

Mondial de la Bière 2009 Gallery of Photos star
More photos of the Mondial de la bière 2009 include the inside and outside of the event, Medal winners and people in the world of beer.

Mondial de la Bière Celebrates 15th Anniversary star
Vous désirez Quelque Chose, Monsieur? This deep garnet aperitif, rich with aromas of tart cherries, seduces you into her hands as she balances herself, paired with the hazelnut flavors of a firm Emmental or the smooth and supple texture of Friulano Canadian cheeses.

Natalie DeChico Philly Beer Geek 2011 - Interview star
Carolyn Smagalski, Beer Fox and Co-Founder of the Philly Beer Geek Competition, interviews Philly Beer Geek 2011 Champion Natalie De Chico about the 2011 competition.

National Beerdrinker of the Year 2008 star
When I raise conversation about the Beerdrinker of the Year Competition held by Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado, I am often met with one-liners and guffaws from those who are unfamiliar with this esteemed contest.

National IPA Championship Hosted by Brewing News star
In any bracketed tournament, the Sweet Sixteen demands notice. At this level, real winners separate themselves from a qualified pack of competitors on a quest for the Golden Fleece...

National Liberty Museum Beer Tasting and Glass Art star
Beer is not what many would expect at the opening event of a showing of exquisite glass sculptures. Would these artists really want people exposed to eighteen beers while walking around their masterpieces, some valued at $18,000 and others, priceless pieces?

Natty Eisbock Beer Geek '11 Talks About Beer star
Carolyn Smagalski, Beer Fox and Co-Founder of the Philly Beer Geek Competition, interviews Philly Beer Geek 2011 Champion Natalie De Chico about the triggers that got her interested in beer.

Opening Tap - Philly Beer Week 2009 star
It is a celebration of joy, this Philly Beer Week that comes but once a year. For those unschooled in the Science of Beer Wisdom, let me explain that a Beer Week lasts 10 days, not the typical 7 that was established by Emperor Constantine in 321 CE.

Phil Farrell Wins 2011 Beerdrinker Title star
Beerdrinker of the Year is one of the most highly competitive championships in the world of American beer. This is not about who can drink the most beer, although global experience in tasting beer is a definite asset.

Phil Farrell's Funky Fowl Photo Gallery star
Phil Farrell showcases the most famous Rubber Chicken in Beer and Brewing History!

Philly Beer Geek - Worth the Title star
If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth the title, says Jason Harris of Keystone Homebrew.

Philly Beer Geek 2008 star
Johnny Brenda’s, a Philadelphia Pub with an old time, historic “feel” of the authentic. This is the real deal. Add sizzle to this legendary Philly icon, and the heat seems all the sweeter.

Philly Beer Geek 2008 Steve Robson star
Veets? Veets Nosbor? Was this some strange language from an obscure country within the European Union, or some other-worldly communication from an off-shore Spam account?

Philly Beer Geek 2009 - Finals Competition star
Silver glitter flaked through the air like fairy dust. The air was, after all, charged with excitement as fans, finalists, and TV camera crews stepped over the threshold at Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA into a world of challenge.

Philly Beer Geek 2009 Nugget Nate Gefvert star
On March 12, 2009, a confident Nate Gefvert reigned supreme as Philly Beer Geek 2009, winner of the 2nd Annual Philly Beer Geek Finals Competition. Gefvert gave a masterful performance throughout two grueling showdowns held one week apart.

Philly Beer Geek 2009 Rewards Beer Geeks star
When you hear the phrase Sierra Nevada, do you think of a mountain range located in California, or do you think of beer? Do phrases like Hop Wallop, Man Full of Trouble, and Arrogant Bastard bring forth fond memories of gustatory delight?

Philly Beer Geek 2012 Interview with Smashington star
Confetti fell from the ceiling, the room started swirling, and pink elephants blasted through the walls the moment Steve Mashington was pronounced Philly Beer Geek 2012.

Philly Beer Geek 2013 Mike Lawrence - Interview star
If you have ever wondered about the basics surrounding Philly Beer Geek, Mike Lawrence and his experience may set you on your own path to success and what it really takes.

Philly Beer Geek Championship Shows Philly Pride star
Philly Beer Geek: The title alone is one that commands respect in the Philadelphia region, the Best Beer Drinking City in America.

Philly Beer Geek Finalist Aaron Fournier star
Aaron Fournier competed in the 1st Annual Philly Beer Geek Finals Competition 2008. After a tough first round, he was chosen as one of the three beer geeks for the Final Round,

Philly Beer Geek Finalist Wardell Massey star
Philly Beer Geek Finalist Dell Massey has the look of a wise sage in his eyes as he speaks his philosophy about beer. Simply stated, “You meet some wonderful people when you´re into beer.”

Philly Beer Geek Semi-Finals Competition 2009 star
Every one of these Semi Finalists had proven themselves worthy to stand as the lead beer geek, able to stand-up to the panel of judges who light-heartedly sported Mardi-gras beads and black top hats, decorated with glitter and bottlecaps.

Philly Beer Geeks star
The 2010 Philly Beer Geek Semi-Finals Competition rolls out on Tuesday, May 25th at Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant, located on the edge of Philadelphia at the confluence of the Schuylkill and Wissahickon Rivers.

Philly Beer Week star[offsite link]
Current information about Philly Beer Week - Dates, events, participants, photos, and more!

Philly Beer Week 2009 - Photo Gallery 3 star
This gallery of photographs is a third presentation of the events of Philly Beer Week 2009, with the purpose of detailing the myriad of events enjoyed by both novices and die-hard enthusiasts throughout the Philadelphia metro and suburban areas.

Philly Beer Week '09 - Opening Tap to Cask Ale star
Philly Beer Week 2009 has softly drawn its curtain, despite our calls for Encore! that profusely rolled from our hop-drenched tongues. If we could split ourselves into clones, it would have served us little with so much choice to reward our spirits.

Philly Beer Week - The Start of a Tradition star
The saavy beer lovers of Philadelphia would not settle for second best, and insisted on the development of great beer. Inspired by these great traditions, Philadelphia has risen up to become the greatest beer-drinking city in America.

Philly Beer Week 2009 - Photo Gallery 2 star
Philly Beer Week 2009 seems to be picking up steam - not like a mere locomotive, but like the blast from the Cape as the Space Shuttle takes flight. This gallery of photographs is a second sampling of the events of Philly Beer Week 2009

Philly Beer Week 2009 Photo Gallery 1 star
This gallery of photographs is a small sampling of the events of Philly Beer Week 2009, meant to illustrate the broad scope of events created by the enthusiastic beer lovers in the Philadelphia metro and suburban areas.

Philly Beer Week 2010 Photo Gallery star
The Philly Beer Week 2010 Photo Gallery has been created to give you a beer detective’s view of the events, foods, people and places that held the spotlight during the ten-day week that marks the best of Philadelphia.

Philly Beer Week Heralds Best Beer City star
If I could sound bugles or grab your attention with the scream of bagpipes, I would, Philadelphia! The winter slumber is over and Philly Beer Week 2011 is fast approaching. Shake the cobwebs from your brains and let the celebrations begin! star[offsite link]
Up-to-Date for Beer Festivals, Homebrew Events, Professional Events, Dinners/Tastings, Tours/Travel

Sake - Education in Taste and Culture star
Sake aromas are of a different nature; more light, delicate, and exotic. They feathered through the air, coaxing me gently into the Millennium Ballroom.

Sanity v. Fear - A Rally for Beer star
For those who miss the Political Activism of the 60s, or think they have something to say about today’s wacky, over-the-top, insane, reality-TV- lack-of-reality and fear-induced-political-drama, Comedy Central wants YOU!

Savor - Beer & Food Sophistication in DC star
The Brewers Association brilliantly chose Savor: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience as the title for their most sophisticated beer event of the year.

Savor 2011 - American Craft Beer & Food star
Savor: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience has been aptly named by the Brewers Association to describe the elegant mingling of food and beer, sumptuous combinations with a focus on both flavor and fashion.

Savor and Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival star
How did you celebrate American Craft Beer Week this year? For those of us who appreciate suds while soaking in suds, every week might well be celebrated for the treasures beholden in the twinkle of malt magic.

Searching for the Alpha King star
Somewhere in the stillness of the night the vines begin to rustle. The air is lightly scented with piney spice, while papery cones catch the ethereal light. Something lurks in the shadows.

Secrets of the Brewers Reserve star
Her eyes, salacious yet innocent, whispered secrets of a cloaked rendezvous, and I wondered what style of Brewers’ Reserve she would choose.

Six Tips - Doing the Great American Beer Festival star
If you are doing the 2010 Great American Beer Festival for the first time this year, you might be a touch overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the event. You need a Plan of Action.

Smashington Crashes-in as Philly Beer Geek 2012 star
The Philly Beer Geek 2012 Competition turned out to be the biggest payday for a single beer consumer in all of Philly Beer Week.

Stats from the 2013 Great American Beer Festival star
If you are as much of a Beer Geek as I am, you have a passion for statistics. Along with the renaissance of craft beer comes so many stats that you could make spreadsheets that would glut up a hard drive.

The 2010 Great American Beer Festival Rocks Denver star
Of all the thousands of events each year, this is the chart-buster, the magnum opus, the crème de la crème. It is the Great American Beer Festival, the Crown Jewel of the Brewers Association and of the Beer World. There are other beer fests across the globe, but this one lives as the nonpareil.

The Boonville Beer Festival star[offsite link]
Highlights of the Annual Boonville Beer Festival - Plans and info for 2005! Mark your calendar for the upcoming festival in the Boont Valley!

The Brewer's Plate 2011 - Cuisine a la Biére star
As March rolls around and the last of the snow melts into the earth, words like Certified Organic, Pasture-Raised, and Locally Grown begin to occupy my thoughts. Has writing about beer converted me into an advocate of good food, finely-crafted beer, artisanal restaurants, and local producers?

The Brewer's Plate Wins Philadelphia Loyalty star
They stood at attention, manning a greeting table of what seemed like millions of beer tasting glasses.

The Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival - History Past & Present star
Great Jazz, Be-bop, and Rock filled every corner, setting the elevated mood. Wall-to-wall people…having fun…enjoying taste.

The Greatest American Beer Competition of All star
The 2012 Great American Beer Festival celebrated its 31st year, but the original commercial beer competition did not ramp-up until two years after the festival was founded, currently placing the competition segment in its 29th year.

The Human Growler Becomes a Legend star
In his third attempt to seize the title, Steve Hawk, the Hawkenator – better known in Philadelphia circles as The Human Growler - captured the coveted title as Philly Beer Geek 2010 at the Philly Beer Geek Finals Competition on June 10th during the last Thursday of Philly Beer Week.

The Serious Side of Mike Lawrence - Interview star
Mike Lawrence, 2013 Philly Beer Geek Champion, appeared to be having fun throughout the 2013 competition on June 6th at the Field House in Philadelphia, PA. Don’t be fooled.

Tribute to a White Knight star
White Beer Travels always reminded me that beer was, in its most basic form, a complex drink, yet fun and refreshing. Just perusing the website would allow you to play with your cursor, where glasses of beer and miniature bottles of Duvel or Orval would follow you around like a band of wild cats.

USA Wins 2010 Stella Artois World Draught Master star
Images loom dark and sultry on screen, amplified by the sleazy heat of New Orleans jazz. Drowning in desperation and tears, Kowalski’s cries of “Stel-laaaaaa!” provoke one of the most sizzling scenes in Hollywood history.

Victory at Spinnerstown Hotel star
Spinnerstown Hotel and Tap Room was poised for a sell-out crowd of enthusiastic beer lovers, some traveling nearly 75 miles for this 4th Annual Holiday Beer Dinner with Victory Brewing.

Whisky Festival of Noord Netherlands - Beer Notes star
As a beer writer, I had the opportunity to stretch to the other side of the World of Spirits in late March, 2009, as an attendee at the Whisky Festival of Noord (Northern) Netherlands in Groningen.

Whisky Festival of Noord Netherlands - The Whisky star
The landscape on the road to Groningen seared itself into my brain, laying long and flat in a patchwork of reflective canals, thatched-roof houses, flowers peeking through the soil, and clouds hanging low in the sky.

Winter Beer at Allentown Brew Works Fest star
As the weather turns cold in the Northern parts of the United States, our mood turns to heightened anticipation of those highly alcoholic brews typically found at Holiday dinners and next to a roaring fireplace.

Women Brewmasters - Inside the Brewers´ Studio star
At the Great American Beer Festival, October 2007, I found myself onstage with Tom Dalldorf of Celebrator Beer News, for a live radio broadcast “Inside the Brewers’ Studio,” interviewing three sharp and sassy U.S. brewmasters.

World Beer Cup 2008 - Pinnacle of Success star
When do you think Charlie Papazian, founder of the Association of Brewers, president of the Brewers Association, and founder of the World Beer Cup, will be recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions in uniting the global economy of beer? It is a peacemaking mission, isn’t it?

World Cafe Live Hosts Beats Brews & BBQ star
Flash, action and excitement are a part of this energized beer scene, and few do it better than Ryan Starr, Manager at World Café Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Zythos America 2011 - Tale of Tom Peters star
The Zythos Beer Fest in Belgium fell back-to-back with Philly Beer Week, but Tom Peters thought an echo of Zythos was just what America needed.

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