Browse for the perfect yoga sequence for your day. There are short series, long sequences, and sequences with specific purposes.

A Beginning Yin Sequence star
Looking to start a home practice? Here's an easy Yin sequence to try.

A Manipura Practice star
Strengthen your ability to move in the world with this practice.

A Root Chakra Practice star
Feeling ungrounded and spacy? Try this customizable practice to balance your root chakra (Muladhara)

A Sacral Chakra Sequence star
Lack of creativity? Addiction issues rearing their heads? Try this quick practice to balance your sacral chakra (Svadhisthana)

A Second Anahata Practice star
Here's a sequence for when you need comfort or courage.

A Sequence for Learning Seated Twists star
This progression will allow you to work towards the Marichyasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana poses.

A Sequence for Neck and Shoulders star
In busy times, it’s tough to stick to an ongoing routine. As a consequence, our bodies tighten up. Fight neck tension with this sequence.

A Simple At-Home Restorative Sequence star
Trying to relax can be difficult. This sequence starts with active movement and then gently moves your body into restorative time.

A Simple Heart Chakra Practice star
In desperate times, we look to the heart chakra to help us maintain our connections. Here's a gentle yoga practice that can help.

A Stress Relief Home Sequence star
Sometimes you need to move with the stress to release it. Here’s a practice to help you do that.

A Yoga Sequence for Abs star
Crunches only work a small part of the core. Here’s a yoga sequence that focuses on the entire torso.

An Opening Sequence for Home Practice star
Warming up is as useful in yoga as in any other movement-based discipline. Here is a sequence that will work with the entire core, for yogis and yoginis at any level.

Chair Pose Vinyasa star
This vinyasa can be used as a warm-up or a strengthener on its own. The breathwork provides a pranayamic boost as well.

Half Sun Salutation Sequence star
Need a quick yoga break? Here it is.

Half Sun Salutations and Variations star
Perhaps the simplest of sequences, Half Sun Salutations are useful in a variety of ways.

Sun Salutations star
Sun Saluations, or Surya Namaskar, are integral to flow yoga. Used for warmups and for meditation, the series has many variations.

Tips for Forward Folds star
Some tips to consider in any forward fold.

Vinyasa Variations star
Take the time to practice the transitional movements of vinyasa! Think through the choices! Your spiritual and physical selves will thank you.

Yin Yoga Sequences star
Building a home practice? The Yin style adapts well to a private setting, and the relaxation benefits can be profound. Here's where to find sequences!

Yoga Journal Sequence Builder star[offsite link]
Need a little help developing a home routine. Let the yoga journal sequence builder help you develop personalized pose sequences of your own.

Yoga Sequence for Grief star
Try this sequence for comfort and healing.

Yoga Sequences and the Hip Joint star
Keep your practice safe by understanding how asanas impact the hip socket and using sequences that respect this joint!

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