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A look at the various diet plans over the years. Perhaps you can find a nugget of gold in one of these options.

AARP New American Diet star
The AARP New American Diet combines aspects of the Mediterranean diet with the American diet and according to author, John Whyte, M.D., is "the absolutely most sensible way to lose weight."

Abs Diet Fat Burning Foods star
The Abs Diet fat burning foods. Boost your metabolism and burn more fat by eating these fat burning foods at every meal. The easy way to lose fat fast.

Carb Cycling for Weightloss star
There's a new way to eat carbs that actually gets better results than low carb dieting. The truth about how to eat carbs for weightloss from experts who focus on health and balanced eating.

Conquer The Fatloss Code Secrets star
Conquer The Fatloss Code author Wendy Chant shares 3 smart fatloss secrets that work to speed up fatloss and help you look great fast no matter how much you've struggled with weightloss in the past.

Detox Diets: Do It The Right Way! star
Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep it off! How to do it the right way and plans to help you get started.

Diet Food vs. Real Food Weight Loss Plans star
Diet food weight loss plans rarely work long term. Why eating real food is key to losing weight and keeping it off and can you ever eat diet food in order to lose the fat for life.

Dr. Oz's New Paleo Diet star
While there may be no shortage of how-to-diet concepts, there are few that actually prove long-term success. Quick-fix-diets are founded upon the notion that once the 7, 14 or 30 days have passed, then the dieter can proceed with eating as usual without fear of consequence or reemergence of weight.

Extreme Diets for Weight Loss star
Extreme diets can really work for weight loss but are the results you get worth the sacrifice and most importantly do they last. We tv exposes 4 plans for what they truly are.

Get A Hollywood Body Diet Secrets star
Kathy Kaehler shares a few of the hollywood body diet secrets that help her celebrity clients lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get Bikini Fit In 4 Weeks or Less star
Top body makeover books for bikini season. 4 week and 28 day plans along with more aggressive 12 day and 6 day body makeovers for women who wants results fast!

How To Eat for Weightloss star
You know what you´re supposed to eat for weightloss but do you know how to eat it? The 3 most important how to eat for weight loss tips that guarantee you never overeat so you can lose weight faster.

How To Start a Weightloss Program: 2 star
Commercial diet plans and diet books not working? The do it yourself weightloss approach can work for you if you follow these simple steps.

Jenny Craig Diet Review star
Dieting and or the quest to lose weight, however a person decides to go about it, can be a frustrating, long, and lonely journey. Pre-packaged programs, like Jenny Craig, work to mitigate problems many people face while losing weight.

Jump Start Weightloss Plan star
Lose more weight faster with the jump start weightloss plan. The foods, exercises, and health strategies your body needs plus the #1 rule you must follow to get visible results in under two weeks.

Liquid Diet Facts & Tips star
Rapid 50 cent weight loss is totally possible but should you try it? The facts about liquid diets plus tips that will help you shed pounds quickly and safely.

Liquid Diet Tips & Tricks star
The tips and tricks you need for rapid 50 cent weight loss. How to get results safely, quickly, and in a healthy way that will help you maintain your rapid weight loss for life.

Low Calorie Low Carb Diet Fattening? star
Is your low calorie low carb plan making you fatter or keeping you from losing more weight? Find out top 4 mistakes and how to correct them to get results.

Master Cleanse vs. Intermittent Fasting star
A detox diet really can help you lose weight but the master cleanse is so old school and useless. Learn a new way to detox for weight loss. No starving or nasty drink concoctions required!

Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle star
Ever wonder why European women are healthier than most other women around the world? The Mediterranean Diet definitely has merit. But it's incomplete without a change in lifestyle. Find out why.

Quick Weightloss Guide star
The quick weightloss guide includes 7 sensible tips you need to implement to fast track your weight loss results. The strategies top experts use to help their clients shed the fat faster.

The 5 Factor Diet star
Wondering what to eat for weight loss and why it seems so hard to make healthy choices. Check out the 5 Factor Diet and see why this way of healthy eating is so effective.

The Anti Estrogenic Diet star
The anti estrogenic diet shows you 3 hidden weightloss obstacles and how to burn stubborn belly fat, increase fatloss, and improve health.

The Beck Diet Solution star
The Beck Diet Solution offers 3 simple tips to help you deal with overeating, cheating, excuses, and other dieting downfalls.

The Easy Weight Loss Diet star
Are you exercising and making healthy food choices but still not reaching your goals? Successful dieters track calories accurately and watch portion sizes. Using pre-packaged foods for weight loss can be very effective by providing the dieter with specific portions and calorie control.

The Great American Detox Diet star
Three part series on how to get started with a healthy food detox. This is the diet that helped Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me regain his health after eating McD´s for 30 days straight.

The Metabolic Typing Diet star
Could losing weight be as easy as taking the metabolic typing test and eating the foods that are right for your metabolic type?

The Serotonin Power Diet star
Are you overweight due to stress from work, family, pms, menopause, and anti-depressants. The Serotonin Power Diet shows you how snacking on carbs can help you boost serotonin and lose weight.

Weightloss 911 Quick Results Guide star
Forget about resolutions! This easy to follow no-b.s. no-excuses guide will help you lose substantial weight quickly and boost metabolism for further fat loss and improved health.

Weightloss Plan Must Haves star
3 Weightloss plan must haves that really work. It's not about the diet, the workouts, or the accountability. The top diet tips of weightloss success story losers you need to get results.

Weightloss Plans That Work star
Most weightloss plans work but whether they can work for you is another story. For any weight loss plan or diet to be effective it must help you in 3 very specific ways. The key factors that guarantee results from your weight loss plan plus 2 great ones to try.

Werewolf Diet star
Could tapping into the power of the moon be the easy key to melting fat and supercharging energy? It is the latest craze among Hollywood's A-list. But does it work? Bella Online's Weight Loss guide weighs in.

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