Information on fertility treatments including IVF, mini-IVF, IUI, Femara, Clomiphene Citrate, Tamoxifem, and ICSI with a focus on novel ways to improve success rates.

AMH Test Predicts IVF Success star
Testing AMH before IVF can help to fine-tune your fertility treatments for greater success.

Assessing Uterine 'Well-Being' Before IVF Helps star
Top infertility clinics may use ultrasound to assess blood flow dynamics to the uterus to predict IVF success; poor blood flow - predictive of IVF failure - can be treated successfully if the test reveals a problem

Can Endometrial Injury Boost Clomid Success? star
Endometrial scratch biopsy may almost triple pregnancy rates after Clomid treatment

Can Estrogen Priming Help IVF Succeed? star
Estrogen priming is a new tweak on standard IVF protocols to help women with poor response to succeed

Can Estrogen Priming Help Poor Responders? star
Estrogen priming IVF protocols can often increase success for women who have previously responded poorly to ovarian hyper-stimulation

Can Hypothyroxinemia Sabotage IVF Success star
IVF/ART is known to be a trigger for hypothyroxinemia or low/normal free T4 levels which can be a cause of miscarriage, obstetrical complications and neurological damage to babies. Learn how to avoid hypothyroxinemia with good thyroid care.

Can Myo-Inositol Help Prevent OHSS in PCOS? star
Myo-inositol has been found to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in women with PCOS and could help your IVF/ART cycle to be safer and more successful. Learn how.

Can Soy Help IVF Succeed? star
Women who eat soy regularly may have greater IVF success than those who don't.

Can Tamoxifem Help a Thin Endometrium? star
Tamoxifem can help thicken a thin uterus lining.

Can Vitamin D Help Donor IVF Suceed? star
Having replete Vitamin D levels may double the chance of donor-IVF succeeding

Depression, Hormones and IVF star
Preexisting depression, stress and anxiety can be a trigger for IVF-related depression highlighting the importance of treating preexisting emotional problems before - and during - IVF. Post-IVF estrogen support and good thyroid care may help.

Does Male Weight Affect IVF Success? star
Women may have some company when trying to reach their ideal weight before IVF, now dad's too need to trim excess pounds to help IVF succeed. Discover the difference a lighter male can make.

Endometrial Scratch Biopsy Helps IVF Success star
Endometrial scratch biopsy can improve IVF success rates and is being used by top IVF clinics to help women increase the odds of IVF success.

Exercise Helps IVF Success in Obese Women star
using weight before IVF can up success rates in women who are diagnosed with obesity

How Endometrial Scratch Biopsy Works star
Take a peak at how endometrial scratch biopsy may help embryo implantation

Is IVF More Successful in Spring? star
Some studies have found IVF fertilization rates are far in Spring. Is this the best time to pursue IVF?

IUI More Successful With Strict Thyroid Care star
Strict thyroid care may help IUI to be more successful.

IUI Success Helped By Uterine Scratch Procedure star
Uterine scratch biopsy improves the chances of pregnancy with IUI

IVF can quickly trigger thyroid problems star
Undergoing ovarian hyper stimulation can quickly trigger hidden thyroid problems in women who are being treated for hypothyroidism

IVF Failure? Hysteroscopy May Help. star
When IVF fails, hysteroscopy may diagnose hidden uterine abnormalities which are preventing implantation

L-Arginine May Help Poor IVF Response star
L-arginine is one of many adjunctive therapies that may help women with poor response to IVF to finally succeed.

Mo-Inositol, Alpha Lipolic Acid and Embryo Quality star
Myo-Inositol and Alpha LIpolic Acid may improve embryo quality in PCOS women undergoing IVF?ART

Myo-Inositol During IVF And Non-PCOS Women star
Should you take myo-inositol alongside gonadotropin stimulation in IVF if you don't have PCOS? A 2012 study explores the effects of myo-inositol.

Myo-Inositol May Up Egg Quality And IVF Success star
Myo-inositol is being used by top infertility clinics to improve egg quality in women pursuing IVF. Studies have shown that when follicular fluid is rich in this B-vitamin better quality embryos result.

NAC Reduces Homocysteine and Ups IVF Success star
Supplementing NAC during controlled ovarian hyper stimulation in IVF/ICSI reduces homocysteine and may increase clinical pregnancy rates.

Ovarian Stimulation Adversely Affects The Thyroid star
Forty four percent of women with normal thyroid function may develop thyroid problems that are linked to increased miscarriage risks after ovarian hyperstimulation.

Ovarian Ultrasound Test Predicts IVF Success star
A simple ultrasound to count the ovarian antral follicles can predict IVF success, do you know your numbers?

Prophylactic Thyroid Treatment Ups IVF Success star
Adding thyroid treatment to ovarian hyper-stimulation may increase embryo quality and drop miscarriage rates.

Saizen Growth Hormone Ups IVF Success star
Saizen growth hormone is being used by top fertility clinics to help women with poor ovarian reserve and poor prognosis to conceive successfully.

Sildenafil May Thicken A Thin Uterus Lining star
Having a thin uterus lining - under 9 mm - is known to compromise IVF success and increase miscarriage rates, a novel treatment can often help.

Soy Infusion Helps IVF To Succeed star
Soy-based 'Intralipid' is a simple, inexpensive and surprisingly effective solution to recurrent pregnancy loss and IVF failure.

Soy May Help IVF Success star
Despite controversy surrounding whether or not women should eat soy when trying to conceive research shows that soy may boost IVF success rates when consumed after embryo transfer

Testosterone Offers New Hope For IVF Success star
For women who are labeled poor responders, pretreatment with testosterone is a novel way to help IVF succeed and increase pregnancy rates.

Thyroid Antibody Treatement for IVF Success star
Thyroid antibodies may cause IVF to fail and can more than double miscarriage rates. Learn about little-used treatments that can help you to have better IVF response, egg quality, embryo quality and higher pregnancy rates.

Trans-Abdominal Egg Retrieval star
For an unlucky few, the ovaries may impossible to reach at oocyte retrieval. Trans-abdominal oocyte retrieval may help to ensure that your eggs are retrieved.

Understanding Infertility Treatments star
Books to help you understand the high-tech world of infertility treatments.

Whey And Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome star
Whey protein may help to prevent or reduce the severity of OHSS when taken from egg retrieval onwards in IVF.

Why Estrogen May Help Comid Cycles star
Clomid may be more effective - and safer - when given with estrogen to increase egg quality and fertilization rates, find out why.

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