Male Infertility

40% of infertility is due to male factors. Learn more.

A Mediterranean Diet Can Help Sperm star
Sticking closely to a Mediterranean diet may boost all aspects of sperm health.

Antioxidants May Up ICSI Success Rates star
ICSI may be far more successful when preceded by antioxidant supplementation to reduce sperm DNA fragmentation.

Are His Sperm Ready For ICSI? star
Sperm DNA integrity may be a hidden problem when other aspects of sperm health such as counts, motility and morphology are poor. DNA integrity predicts ICSI success and is worth actively protecting in the months before ICSI/IVF.

Arsenic and Male Infertility star
Dietary arsenic may reduce male fertility. Rice-rich diets may be to blame.

Black Seed Oil And Male Fertility star
Black seed oil - nigella sativa - may help multiple aspects of male fertility

Boxers or Briefs? star
Type of male underwear may influence sperm DNA integrity.

BPA Harms Sperm and Male Fertility star
BPA needs to be rigorously avoided when trying to conceive to keep sperm healthy and fertile. Learn how to minimize your risks - keeping BPA low could help your baby-to-be too.

Can Cell Phones Can Damage Male Fertility star
Cell phone exposure has been found to lower sperm counts. Minimizing brain exposure to cell phone radiation could help you to conceive faster.

Can Pesticides Harm Sperm? star
Consuming a higher pesticide load may reduce male fertility

Can Vaping Harm Male Fertility? star
Vaping - or any other means of ingesting nicotine - can negatively affect male fertility in overt and subtle ways.

Can Vitamin D Influence Male Fertility? star
Vitamin D may profoundly improve sperm DNA fragmentation, improve sperm metrics and morphology. Can it help speed conception?

Cay You Avoid IVF By Boosting Sperm Health? star
IVF is often suggested for male infertility; addressing nutritional and lifestyle factors linked with male fertility may facilitate natural conception.

Cola And Fast Foods May Damage Sperm star
Cola especially when consumed as part of a fast food lifestyle may damage sperm.

Goji Berries May Help Sperm Count and Motility star
Goji berries may help protect against oxidative stress when consumed daily and have been shown to improve sperm counts and motility with a 75% success rate.

Help For Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Damage star
A new low-tech method may be helpful in reducing the numbers of sperm with DNA damage.

High Fat Diets May Harm Sperm Count star
A diet high in fat - especially saturated fat - may lower sperm counts and concentration according to a 2012 study.

Intense Exercise Can Harm Sperm Morphology star
Intensive work-outs can damage sperm morphology significantly but a 2011 study shows that the antioxidant resveratrol may protect against exercise-induced harm.

Is Sunscreen Zapping Male Fertility? star
Chemicals in sunscreen may reduce male fertility. Learn how to choose a safe sunscreen.

Is Wi-Fi Hazardous To Sperm? star
A 2011 study has raised concern that exposure to Wi-Fi may lower sperm motility and increase DNA damage.

Laptop Computers Harm Male Fertility star
The heat from laptop computers can have an adverse effect upon sperm quality - learn how to minimize the damage.

Less Steak More Veggies For Peak Male Fertiltiy star
Too much meat may be a trigger for poor sperm health. Men who eat more fruits and vegetables may significantly boost their fertility.

Male Diet May Help IVF/ICSI Success star
Certain kinds of diets may have a 'drastic effect' of pregnancy rates with ICSI, your doctor may not tell you this but what you eat may make a difference to success rates.

Male Phthalate Exposure Delays Pregnancy star
When men have higher levels of urinary phthalates, conception may be delayed markedly. Learn how to reduce phthalate exposure to boost male fertility.

Men Need Pre-Conceptual Folic Acid Too star
Folic acid can help to protect sperm DNA from damage whihc can cause IVF to fail, men may benefit from taking pre-conceptual nutrients such as folic acid even when sperm tests are normal.

Pomegranate and Sperm Motility star
Pomegranate may improve sperm motility in sub-fertile men

Proton Pump Meds And Male Sub-Fertiltiy star
Proton pump inhibitor use has been linked with lowered total motile sperm counts.

Reducing Sperm Aneuploidy Before ICSI star
Reducing sperm aneuploidy may reduce pregnancy loss and up the chances of a live birth after ICSI. A natural L-Carnitine treatment may help.

Smoking and Sperm DNA Damage star
Tobacco smoking can trigger sperm DNA damage

Sperm Motility Improves With Moderate Exercise star
Engaging in regular moderate exercise may help to improve sperm motility according to a 2011 study.

Sperm Motility May Improve With A Healthy Diet star
Sperm motility may improve significantly when diet quality is improved.

Three Key Nutrients For Boosting Sperm Motility star
Three nutrients have been proven to significantly boost sperm motility.

Tomato Juice and Sperm Motility star
Regular tomato juice consumption may help to improve sperm motility

Untreated Diabetes May Harm Male Fertility star
Diabetes may adversely affect male fertility even when sperm tests are normal, a diabetes test may be your missing link if you are having trouble TTC.

Ureaplasma And Poor Sperm Morphology star
Ureaplasma infections may be at the root of much male infertility especially poor sperm morphology. Fortunately Ureaplasma is treatable with antibiotics.

Vitamins May Optimize Sperm Health star
Having a 'normal' sperm analysis can mean that sperm are still in the sub-fertile ranges. Vitamins may help to restore optimal sperm health to speed conception.

What Is A Normal Sperm Analysis? star
The WHO sperm analysis guidelines are based on average sperm values; but average is not necessarily optimal.

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